Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Have I been missed? I surely missed you!

Hi Everyone.

I know it's been so long since my last post. My 19 month old son has been keeping me busy. I have no nanny at the moment as we fired the last one. So I have to be the full time care giver to my son now. This means, I am on a term break from school. Which I was sad about initially but got over it as I knew there would be no one babysitting my son while I was at school.

Hong Kong is not family friendly country. There are no daycare centres for middle class families as they are only for low income families. So this means, the whole nation relies on domestic helpers from the Philippines or Indonesia! Of course some have Grandparents or relatives around who can keep an eye on their children. But for us expats, this is not possible. To me this is a unpleasant system! I can go on about how bad it is but I shall spare you the details. We are very happy where we are in our lives now! A little complaining does not hurt! Lol!

It is not an easy task being a full time mom. Especially when the kids are in their toddler years. Running after them and moulding them to be good human beings is no easy feat. I admire full time mothers who dedicate their entire lives to taking care of their off springs full time. Even though it is hard work, I am so happy I have this opportunity to do it at this early stage of my son's life. When he looks at me and gives plenty of hugs, all the hard work seems like nothing! I guess this is what motherhood is!

I really miss making youtube videos, blogging, doing handicrafts, sewing, etc... The list goes on. The only time I get some 'me' time is when my husband is home or in the night when Mr Toddler is asleep. By then all I want to do is snuggle and sleep. Time is so precious these days.

Given that we had a loss about two months ago (read here), we are doing great. Christmas is just around the corner. This year we are going to Sweden (my in laws) to celebrate. My son is going to experience a lovely white christmas. It is going to be a long flight for us all. Fingers crossed, it will be a smooth one. I wonder how Gabriel (son) is going to manage this flight. Any tips from you (mothers) would be of great help. So please share!

I feel so good as my fingers type away on the keyboard. I miss blogging so much. Hopefully in Jan as planned, our new helper will arrive from the Philippines. I pray she will be a better caregiver to my son and a good housekeeper than the last one. This means, I will have more time to get back to what I enjoy and want to do in life.

That's it for now. My son is wanting my attention. Got to do what you got to do! Right?!

See you later skater!