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Monday, September 18, 2017

Sewing for a 'New Body'!

It has been a while since I blogged about anything really. So I thought why not start one by sharing my recent makes. After four long years of studying, I have had almost no time to sew anything for my 'new' body. When I say 'new body' I mean, my completely ruined body after two children. 

From having 6 packs, I now have a bulgy tummy (diastasis recti) even though I have tried several different types of exercises to help strengthen the muscles. I do get questions about whether I am pregnant again. As much as I wish I was, I am not. It's just that the muscles in my tummy have forgotten to get back together. Seeking an expert advice is the next step.

See the tummy!
Having said that, being the Fashionista that I am and having finished my BA in Fashion Design, my current plans are to create my own wardrobe that compliments my 'new' body. So here is a dress I recently made. The fabric print is from my own artwork. 

This dress style and cut suits most body shapes. It has certainly taken the eye away from the problematic areas. In my case the tummy. Very glad with the end results and believe it or not, I have had requests by other moms to custom make a similar dress for them. 

All in all this, design worked. I have another garment that was inspired by this dress to show you in the next blog post.

Till then, have a pleasant week friends. OXOX

Monday, March 23, 2015

Update| Birth of my 2nd son, life and other goodies

Guess who is back! Yay, it's me! I was pregnant and gave birth on the 26 January to my love son Michael. Born at 9:38pm, weighing 3.5kg at Union Hospital Hong Kong. Had a great OB Dr Chueng Kai Bun who was very professional in the whole delivery process. Could not have ask for more as everything went very smoothly.

I was worried that my firstborn would be jealous and create havoc. Fortunately, he bonded with his little brother from day one. However, he does show some form of jealousy towards us parents. Which I think is normal. It is getting better with time.

These guys are the apples of my eye! My little family. Finally!

It is busy times for me as you can imagine. Luckily I have a great helper/nanny who helps me whenever I need a breather. Can't thank you enough!

Life is good. Am focusing on getting back to shape and doing things I enjoyed before such as YouTube videos, blogging, fashion drawing, etc...

My beautiful family! Who would have thought I would have this today! 😊

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My new hair colour!

I want to show you guys my new hair colour. I had a hair makeover! As much as I love my naturals curls, they can be quite troublesome to tame and they can get quite frizzy in humid environments. Since I have moved from Sweden to Hong Kong, my hair has been through quite a change. So I have taken the route of chemically straightening my hair (also known as re-bond or straight perm).

This time around not only did I straightened my roots, I also coloured my hair. Played it safe this time! Mild highlights with medium chocolate brown base colour. Let me know what you think. My hair looks even and no more old streaky, brassy highlights! I love it!

Thanks for coming by!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Have I been missed? I surely missed you!

Hi Everyone.

I know it's been so long since my last post. My 19 month old son has been keeping me busy. I have no nanny at the moment as we fired the last one. So I have to be the full time care giver to my son now. This means, I am on a term break from school. Which I was sad about initially but got over it as I knew there would be no one babysitting my son while I was at school.

Hong Kong is not family friendly country. There are no daycare centres for middle class families as they are only for low income families. So this means, the whole nation relies on domestic helpers from the Philippines or Indonesia! Of course some have Grandparents or relatives around who can keep an eye on their children. But for us expats, this is not possible. To me this is a unpleasant system! I can go on about how bad it is but I shall spare you the details. We are very happy where we are in our lives now! A little complaining does not hurt! Lol!

It is not an easy task being a full time mom. Especially when the kids are in their toddler years. Running after them and moulding them to be good human beings is no easy feat. I admire full time mothers who dedicate their entire lives to taking care of their off springs full time. Even though it is hard work, I am so happy I have this opportunity to do it at this early stage of my son's life. When he looks at me and gives plenty of hugs, all the hard work seems like nothing! I guess this is what motherhood is!

I really miss making youtube videos, blogging, doing handicrafts, sewing, etc... The list goes on. The only time I get some 'me' time is when my husband is home or in the night when Mr Toddler is asleep. By then all I want to do is snuggle and sleep. Time is so precious these days.

Given that we had a loss about two months ago (read here), we are doing great. Christmas is just around the corner. This year we are going to Sweden (my in laws) to celebrate. My son is going to experience a lovely white christmas. It is going to be a long flight for us all. Fingers crossed, it will be a smooth one. I wonder how Gabriel (son) is going to manage this flight. Any tips from you (mothers) would be of great help. So please share!

I feel so good as my fingers type away on the keyboard. I miss blogging so much. Hopefully in Jan as planned, our new helper will arrive from the Philippines. I pray she will be a better caregiver to my son and a good housekeeper than the last one. This means, I will have more time to get back to what I enjoy and want to do in life.

That's it for now. My son is wanting my attention. Got to do what you got to do! Right?!

See you later skater!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sneak peek at a Fashion student's life!

My life has been so crazy busy these days. I wish I had more time for blogging, Youtube and other enjoyable things I used to do. Being a Mom and a fashion student is just not as easy as I thought. When I am in school, I think about my son and my home. When I am at home, I think about my school work and my brain goes into non stop design mode. I need a vacation!

Here are some pictures from my days in school.

We are at an art gallery (school field trip)

Taking a break from drawing hands. My classmate thinks she is a bird!

My first 9 head female figure drawing! Just realised that the boobs are un-naturally pointy!

I drew my classmate's face in an artistic way!

Draping class, transformational reconstruction! 

Currently, I am working on my 1st semester final project which is a draped skirt. Will show you pictures later of my work once I'm done with it! 

Thanks for coming by. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! And a BIG Thank you!

2012 has been a very eventful year for me and my family. We have a new addition (Baby G) to the Uma Tribe and moved to a new country (Hong Kong). There is so much love in my life right now and I am so thankful for everything.

Thank you guys for visiting my site even though I am not as active as I used to be. Thank you so much for your patience and encouragement.

We would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. May 2013 be an awesome year! Let's start afresh!

See you soon in 2013!

Be safe and enjoy...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Video Vlog up and meet the grumpy baby!

Hi Guys,

Here is a quick video update on my DIYFashionista channel on Youtube. I am so glad to be back. Want to see my grumpy baby? Make sure to watch the end!

See you all soon! Hugs!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Studio/office/craft space in the making & I am back!

Hi Everyone,

I am back. Oh my goodness, where do I begin to tell you how it was without internet and fixing a new home with an infant. Long story short, my home is looking better by the day. Moving boxes are out of the way. Managed to unpack majority of our personal items. A few things here and there to fix which I am working on right now. My home studio/office is coming along fine too.

This was how my room looked like a week ago. It is still kinda messy but it's much more organized then what you see below. I just realized that I have so much of things. Bag lady for sure!

I really like Ikea's Malm Chest of 6 drawers. It swallows a lot of things. I have most my of craft related things in there.

Still working on getting my makeup corner set up. So I will update on the progress soon.

I really missed blogging so much. Life with an infant is very different. I can do my personal stuff only when my baby naps. Everything takes twice as long. However, we are getting into a routine now. It's so much better then it used to be.

So hopefully soon, I should be making Youtube videos.

Hope you are having a great start of the week!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Checked in, rested and ready to rock n roll!

The flight from Doha to Hong Kong was not a pleasant one for us. The Airline messed up our request for a baby bassinet. Because of their error, I had to hold my baby for the entire (8 hour) flight. On a positive note, we reached Hong Kong safe and sound.

Look at the Immigration officer's face! :)

We checked into lhotelelan.  Since we planned our trip long ago, we were able to get very good room rates. Also, since the apartment hunt will be on full force, we needed a good place to crash and that it was baby friendly. We like this hotel very much.

King size bed.

Very spacious. Great for us as we have five luggage bags.

Bathroom was very clean and well equipped.

Love the shower area. Spacious and the water pressure was excellent!

Baby cot was delivered just minutes after we checked in. My son hates it. He prefers sleeping in between my Husband and me. Such a suckling baby!

The fridge was stocked up with beverages. All included in the room package.

Well stocked snack drawer.

This is my Husband's favorite gadget in the room, the digital temperature control station. Gadgets and men, they go hand in hand!

Now we are hunting for a good apartment that will be our home for the coming years. I will update you guys on the progress soon. Very tiring times but it will all be worth it!

Thanks for coming by guys. Chat soon!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Qatar Five Star Airlines but Two Star passenger...

The time has finally arrived. The move to HONG KONG! As much as I am excited, both Husband and I are pretty exhausted sorting everything with our old apartment and all. Now, traveling with a Baby is a whole new experience for us.

We are flying with Qatar Airlines (Arlanda Sweden to Doha Qatar, Doha to Hong Kong China).  The flight from Arlanda to Doha took about 5 1/2 hours. Here we are waiting at Doha for about 7 hours for our next flight to Hong Kong. The flight to Hong Kong will be another 8 hours, so I hear! Not looking forward to being jet-lagged.

Traveling with Mr Gabriel has been a delight. He slept most of the time on the flight to Doha. I hope he will do the same on the second leg. Fingers crossed!

 I have travelled with many other airlines and I have never seen families with young children given diaper goody bag. Qatar is the first! However, I wouldn't say I enjoyed the flight as the passenger next to me kept on farting and stinking the place. Five star Airlines but Two Star passenger. Seriously, some people have to be sent to etiquette school!

Mr Gabriel rudely awoken by his Mommy for a picture taking! Thus the 'annoyed' look!

I am all prepared as you can see. Baby in the wrap, Mommy with the computer blogging away!

Have to go now, see you guys in Hong Kong. Hope you are having a great week!