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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ebay haul time and yes I am back!

Hello my Lovelies,

I know I have been MIA for a while. This winter is really hard for me. It's still cold and grey here in Sweden. However, there has been some Sun shine coming through on some days. I never really thought living in a cold environment can be this hard. Obviously, my body is so tuned to the hot, sunny and humid Singapore. I am really looking forward to Spring.... So badly! Please God hear me out!

Even though the past two weeks has not been that motivating for me, it didn't stop me from doing some online shopping. This time, it's ebay and a web-store from Hongkong.

Here are the items I bought and the links to the ebay sellers in case you guys are interested to know. Please click on the link so that you will be directed to the seller's ebay/web store.

12 color glitter powder - 180in_com
Synthetic flat top foundation face brush - ecdaphne888
100 mixed 3D nail art cane sticks - eleseed
20 color nail art 2-way pen brush - ebeautyhouse
UV Gel Nail Art Kit Set Lamp Buffer Edge Cutter Carver - 
10 pcs Clear False Nail tips Art Display Practice Wheel -

Tips on buying from Ebay :
This is based on my experience as I have bought tons of things from ebay for the past 10 years or so.

1) Make sure you to do your research on the items that you are planning on buying. It helps big time!
2) Check out the ebay seller's feedback rating. Check if they have any negative feedback. Sometimes, you can see a pattern on whether the seller is problematic or not.
3) Make sure you use paypal to pay. Paypal has some form of buyers protection so this way, you can protect your credit card details and also raise a dispute of the seller does not deliver in accordance to what you have bought.
4) Buying anything online is like taking a chance. So be prepared that some things may differ in size, shape from the pictures on the ebay store. 
5) Be prepared to wait for up till 3 weeks for the package to arrive, especially if you are living in Europe. This is mainly applicable if the item is shipped from Asia (eg, China, Hong Kong, etc...)

I hope some of you find this post useful. I am glad that I managed to pull myself together to post a video and type up this post. Trust me, I am having a really tough time right now! Maybe it's going to be that time of the month! Hmmm... I hope this phase passes soon!

Anyway, thanks for coming by my darlings! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Haul : Mickey contracter, Stylishly yours and Cham-pale collections

I am super duper excited about my purchase from the above mentioned collections from MAC. I never really follow collections as I don't live close to a MAC counter or store ( Thank God for that, great savings on the pocket). I always believe in trying out other brands.

Anyway, these were the things I got from MAC. Very satisfied! ( for now! LOL!)

Morange, Gulabi, Stylish curve

Sahi, Dark diversion

Moisture cover color corrector, NC44 concealer

Bubble lounge, Straight to head


Did you guys buy anything from these collections? 


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shopping time - MUFE haul, Indian Sari haul & other rambles

I had so much fun window shopping and shopping. It was fun doing it with my Mum. She has good eye for colour. So yesterday, we went to Little India (a street where you can find anything Indian, eg spices, clothes, accessories, etc... I love this place, love all the smell and colours). I wanted to buy a Sari so we went to a Sari boutique. 

These were the 3 Sarees that made me all excited. You may not see excitement in my face, that's because the salesman was rambling away and I was trying to listen to what he was saying. I can understand Tamil but I can't understand when spoken with a slang which is very common from Native South Indians. I know it sounds weird! Oh well, I am weird .... sometimes! :)

1. Maroon colour with antique gold sequins/artwork

2. Deep green with pewter gold sequins/artwork

3. Dual toned blue/purple with rose gold artwork

Now guess which one of the above I bought. I want to know what you guys think of the colours and which one looks pretty to you... 

I bought the sari no.1! It was my Mama's choice.

Do you think it was a good choice?

Anyways, I also went to Makeup forever and two products form them.

1. MUFE HD primer #01 - SGD65.00
2. All Mat Face primer - SGD78.00 (Got one for my Mummy as well)

 I am so excited to try them and do a review. I think I am in the right country(hot and humid Singapore) to try products that claim to matify the face. If it works well here, I am sure it will work well in other not so humid countries. It has always been a challenge finding the right matifying primer that works. I have oily t-zone. Anyway, I will do a review as soon as I am done with testing the above two. 

After the disappointment with Eve Pearl cosmetics purchase, I told myself that I will only buy products that are well established like MAC, MUFE, Urban Decay, etc... 

Anyway, with regards to Eve Pearl saga, I was contacted by the company after I sent out the (unfit for use) products back to them. They did not apologize for the way they treated me but they admitted that the email that they claimed to have sent to me, was not sent after further investigation. Seriously, they need to improve their system. Oh well, it's water under the bridge. Just waiting for my refund and I just want to move on. Even thought they have made a video explaining about the spots and stuff recently, I am still  not convinced and that is not going to change my opinion about them as a company. I will do a video response soon after I receive the refund from them. So stay tuned for that!

It feels great to be back in Singapore! The sun really makes a difference in my mood! Even my husband said that I looked happy while we chatted on Skype!

Ok, now it's lunch time here, I am going to have my Mum's home cooked lamb curry with cucumber salad now. Yum Yum!

(By the time my vacation is over in Singapore, I think I will return to Sweden as a chubby Uma! hahaha!)


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Makeup haul, Youtube & Blogger friends meet up in London!

Hi Everyone,

As you know I was in London a couple of days ago. Could not blog about it as I had a bad migraine when we came back. Anyway, I had a great time in London. Met up with three lovely friends from Youtube and Blogger world. It was a long yet fun day for me.  I have talked about the Youtube friends I met and about the things we did that day on the video (see below). In that video, I have talked about things I bought as well. 

However in that video, I did not mention much about my blogger friend because she is a fellow blogger and some of you would know her too. I met Eve from Eve's house. She has been such a darling friend for a long time. We have build a good friendship even though we have never met each other until last Saturday. Both she and her husband traveled all the way from Devon to meet us. That was so sweet of them. We had dinner and even breakfast the next day. We had such a lovely time! 

Here are some pictures from the trip. 

Dinner with Eve and her husband Dominic!

Breakfast at the hotel we both were staying. Yes, we were staying at the same hotel (different rooms of course!).

Trip to the British museum. If you like history like me, this is the place for you. You can take pictures of most of the exhibits.

My husband and I went to see the Ancient Egyptian 'Book of the dead' exhibition. I was quite disappointed with this exhibition as the tickets were like 12 pounds and the exhibition was not worth that amount in terms of what was on display.

Here is a picture of a building that fascinated me. I love the way it looks. So old yet so cool! 

This is one the art store in central London. I loved it so much. Spent about 2 hours browsing and picking the art supplies I needed. The name of the store is 'London graphic centre' ( click here for their link)

Two floors of art supplies, you name it and they have it. Love this store!


That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this post and the video.

Have a great day.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Akamuti skincare haul

Thanks to one of my fellow Youtuber Dianeuk01, I got to know about this company Akamuti. They have a skincare line which is 100% natural and organic at an affordable price. I absolutely love their products except for one. You will see why as you read on. Akamuti ships only with UK and Europe for now. However you can find the Akamuti products on ebay but they do not have a whole range as seen on their website.

So I went ahead to purchase the following items after Dianeuk01 talked about how they have worked well on her skin. I have always been into natural products and am very picky with what I put on my face. When I read about this company and how they produce their products, I was quite impress because they believe in fair-trade (in other words this company believes in trading ethically and responsibly). I am a true believer in that and one day when I own a business, it will be like that too.

I have talked about how the products have worked on my skin so please check it out. Here are the products I got.

1) Organic facial mist 110ml - £6.95
2) Organic eye toner - £6.00
3) Organic facial blossom facial toner - £6.95
4) Organic virgin shea butter - £6.95
5) Replenishing rose facial oil - £10.00
6) Lavender & Geranium body oil - £6.50 (I totally forgot to include this item in my video review as it was left in my bathroom.)

I absolutely love all the items except for the organic virgin shea butter. To me the butter was not smooth when applying as it was tugging onto my skin and it smelled like old rubber/latex. However, the company did mention about the firmness and smell of the shea butter on their website. I did read it but I didn't expect it to be this bad. I will find a way to make this shea butter work for me. Just as a warning, if you are someone who dislikes the smell of rubber or is even allergic to it, I suggest you keep away from this particular product. 

Now for my overall view of this company and their products.

Akamuti customer service : 5/5 
(They were really good with handling complaints.)

Product packaging : 2.5/5 
( The items were packed in bubble wrap and put in a normal pick envelope. The facial oil and mist bottles were made of glass, so I was quite suprised at how brave they were to pack the bottles like that without much concern about breakage and leaks. Also the fact that one of my facial mist was leaking, that clearly showed that they could improve on the packaging. See pic below and you will understand what I mean.)

Item delivery - 5/5
(Very fast, even with the replacement facial mist. Since the item is shipped with Europe, it was fast and I was not taxed like crazy by the Swedish customs.)

Product quality : 4.5/5
(Absolutely love how the oils and mists works on my skin. I am one satisfied customer for sure)
Overall experience : 4/5
(I will definitely repurchase from them. Maybe even buy them as Christmas gifts for my family as they have gift cards option too.)

Package came like this!

Hope this review helps you guys who want to purchase anything from Akamuti. 

Love Love!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tkb Trading haul & review and other rambles!

I have been gone a while, I was not too well in body & spirit and busy drawing for my fashion illustration course. It's freaking cold here in Sweden. OMG, I want to go back to Sunny Land now! (That's how I feel but I know it's irrational to think like that!) I have a life here and a wonderful man to be with. That keeps me going even during the cold and grey times (LOL).

Anyways, I bought some stuff from Tkb trading. For those of you who do not know this company, you can look them up here. I bought some stuff from them to make my own eyeshadows/ blush, etc... This way I know what I put it my makeup and I can do my own quality control. This is also in conjunction to my home-based makeup business as I will need a variety of colours for my clients. I provide personal makeup services. Advertisements will be out soon here in Uppsala. I used to do this back in Singapore by going to my client's home. Here I can't do that just yet as I do not own a car and still am very unfamiliar with this terrain. I already have one client whom I will be doing a makeover in Nov. So I am excited. Many more to come (I hope)!

Here is a video, talking about the things I got and how I felt about the company and their services. I didn't talk about the prices in the video because you can find that out when you browse their website. 

My overall view and grading of this company and the whole experience:

TKB trading customer service : 4/5

Product packaging : 4.5/5

Item delivery: 3/5 
( I will not blame the company as most of the times the delay is with the customs of the countries)

Product quality : No comments yet as I have yet to use them. Will do a review of the products later.

Overall experience : 4/5

Keep up the good work TKB trading!

Thanks for coming my blog my lovelies!