Monday, October 31, 2011

Queen Cleopatra inspired makeup look (for fancy dress party)

In 2008, I made a similar look for a contest hosted by Kandeejohnson from Youtube. This time, I have created a much better version of the look and really enjoyed making this tutorial. Have always been fascinated by ancient Egyptian history.

It's unfortunate that I was unable to include any music as my editing software was acting strange for no reason. However I hope you will still enjoy this video regardless.

Products used are

Two faced shadow insurance - Eyeshadow primer
MUFE - Shade 12 aqua cream (bronzy gold)
Rhomlon - Dark blue eye pencil
Inglot - #426 deep blue eyeshadow
Spectrum cosmetics - Fort knox pigment
Inglot - #439 black eyeshadow
Mac - Feline eye khol pencil
Mac - Blacktrack fluidline
Inglot - #77 matte black gel liner
La femme - Turquoise sparkle dust
Cinema secret - Eye liner sealer
Mac - False lashes mascara in false black
Ebay - False lashes
Ebay - Rhinestones (optional)

Sleek - Face contour kit in medium
Mac - Saffron eyeshadow 
Spectrum cosmetics - Fort knox pigment

Lakme - Deep red lipliner
Gabrini - #5 dark red lip gloss
Spectrum cosmetics - Fort know pigment

Video tutorial

Happy Halloween! Be safe!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Sigma Flat kabuki F80 with video demo

This is by far one of the best face brushes I have ever used. It spreads the foundation smoothly without causing any abrasion to the skin. The bristles are very soft. It is made of synthetic fibre, this means that it picks up lesser product, is easy to clean and slows down bacteria growth compared to a natural bristle brush. I used it to apply primer, foundation, concealer and set the makeup with powder. It was very easy to buff out the products for a flawless finish (well almost LOL).

- Soft on the skin
- Non abrasive (so it's great for sensitive skin)
- Does not absorb too much product
- Can be used as an all purpose face brush (primer, concealer, foundation and even powder)

- The white part of the brush easily gets stained when using a darker colored foundation

I usually don't say this, but here it goes... This is a must have makeup tool if you like using a brush to apply your foundation/concealer, especially liquid or silicone based products.

Here is a video demo featuring the F80 flat kabuki brush.

Products used in the video:

Sigma flat kabuki F80
MUFE HD primer #0
Mac prolong wear foundation NC45 (full pump)
Mac prolong wear concealer NC50 (tiny drop to darken the foundation)
Mac select moisture cover concealer NC44
Camera ready cosmetics yellow tinted loose powder

Have you tried this brush? Do you like it as much as I do?
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for coming by.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Easy teal eye look (Suitable for brown eyes & skin tone)

I think both teal & turquoise colors are amazing on darker skin tone beauties. This was a highly requested makeup look by subscribers after I wore something similar in one of my other older videos. An easy look using very little makeup products. A very novice friendly look.

Products used are:

Mac - Siahi fluidline
Kryolan - Matte eyeshadow palette (deep turquoise)
Mac - Ricepaper e/s
Mac - Feline eye khol pencil
Loreal - Double extension mascara in carbon black

La femme - Peach blush

Lakme - Brown lip liner
Mac - Mocha lipstick
Mac - Straight to the head lip gloss

Video tutorial

Hope you like it!


Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY: Fall/Autumn head band

If you have a bad hair day and need a quick fix, just put on a head band. It's as easy as that. Even better, make one yourself! That's what I did. Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to make the head band. This tutorial is available on my craft Youtube channel, DIYFashionista.

Video Tutorial

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Have a great week!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review: Nail art stencils & brushes (

I have bought many nail related items (e.g. UV gel nails, nail wheel, etc...) from BornPrettyStore and have been very happy with my purchases. This store offers worldwide free shipping regardless of how much you buy. All their items are reasonably priced and very affordable. In case you are interesting in buying any of their items, you can use discount code UMAPREVEK31 for a 10% off storewide.

Here are some nail art templates/stencils and nail brushes that were sent to me for review.

The nail templates come with instructions that are really easy to follow even for a beginner (like me!). 

This set has a variety of brushes for various purposes when doing nail art. Ranges from striping tool to fan brushes for glitter application.

Just an example of what you can do with the templates. 

- The templates are extremely easy to use.
- For US$5.00 you get 15pcs of nail art brushes, I think that is a super deal.

- Nothing (could not find anything bad to pin point.)

I would totally recommend this store to those who are getting into nails & nail art. Don't have to spend a bomb, that is always a plus in my book.

Don't forget to use UMAPREVEK31 for 10% off storewide.

I have a video tutorial coming up soon on DIY home manicure where I will be showing how to use the nail stencil/template. So just keep a look out for that.

Thanks for coming by darlings.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tutorial: Fall Jewel toned eyes (using Spectrum Cosmetics & Sugarpill Cosmetics)

Pretty happy with my self that I was able to record a tutorial after a long break. Feel like a new person. I think it's the fact that I have passed the 1st trimester in the pregnancy. Definitely feeling way better then I did a couple weeks ago. 

This is a Fall look I came up with using pigments from Spectrum Cosmetics and pressed eyeshadows from Sugarpill Cosmetics. Oh btw, I made the head accessory with some scrap fabric I had in my stash.  If you would like to know how I made it, just leave a request in the comment section. I will get to it as soon as I can.

Hope you like it!

Products used are:-

Nars - Sheer glow foundation is Cadiz
Mac - Select moisture cover concealer in NC44
Mac - Medium/Dark mineralize skin finish

Urban Decay - Primer potion
Rhomlon - Dark Blue multi purpose pencil
Sugarpill - Poison plum e/s (purple)
Spectrum cosmetics - Aztec pigment
Sugarpill - After party e/s (blue)
Spectrum Cosmetics - Armenia pigment (highlight)
Urban Decay - 24/7 glide on eye pencil in zero
Inglot - Matter gel liner in #83 
Mac - False lashes mascara in false black

Sleek - Face contour kit in medium
Nars - Taj mahal blush
Spectrum cosmetics - Armenia pigment (highlight)

Lakme - Tea Rose lip liner
Mac - Jest lipstick
Spectrum cosmetics - Aztec pigment

Youtube tutorial 

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Review : Spectrum Cosmetics (Independent Company)

The lovely owner of Spectrum cosmetics was kind enough to send me the lovely pigments to try and review. This cosmetics line can be found on Etsy. They carry a variety of items ranging from handmade soaps, perfumes, foundations and pigments. Their products are high quality at a lower price. 

 These pigments are awesome! If you are looking for metallic colors, Spectrum cosmetics is the place for you. 

Here are the swatches of the 6 pigments I received.

They are so pigmented and very easy to apply. Of course, with most loose pigments or eyeshadows you have to be careful with the products getting all messy with fall outs. My suggestion is use a dense eyeshadow brush to pick up the product. Don't believe me, try it! Good base definitely makes the pigmentation much more intense.

- Gorgeous pigmentation
- Intense colors
- Easy to apply
- Feels great on the eyes 
(For those with sensitive eyes, you will love their eyeshadows)
- Good that they have indicated in the jars on where the products can be used on the face

- The matte pigment/eyeshadow (Harlequin) was too chalky and powdery 

Video review

Thanks for coming by lovelies!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We are pregnant & 1st trimester is over!

Since my last post, I have been low on the radar. Not feeling that well. Feeling like throwing up every time I eat, lie down, sit, stand, etc... Oh well, yeah I just remembered, I am pregnant! It's called morning sickness (more like all day long sickness actually!).

Yes, I am having a little baby in my tummy. Have past the first trimester now. Still can't believe that my husband and I are going to be parents. Such an awesome, yet scary, feeling.

Just wanted to pop by and say that I really miss you guys very much. Soon my body will feel better and I will get to the normal routine of things.

Thanks for coming by lovelies. I really appreciate that you are still supporting my site/blog/youtube channel.