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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skincare routine (in Hong Kong)

I am very blessed to get lovely comments about my skin from you viewers and people around me.To be honest, I do not do anything out of the blue to achieve good skin. I use products from a reputable brand, eat right, drink plenty of water and (force myself to) feel happy. Comparing to how my skin was 1 year ago, I am pretty impressed with how it is now. I still remember, the pimples and zits that popped up overnight due to the raging pregnancy hormones. (Click here & here for a pics where you can see my 'bad' skin!)

Here is a video where I show you the products I use on a daily basis. This is my new skincare routine suited for Hong Kong climate.

The above are the two products I use for cleansing my face twice a day. Hong Kong is polluted and it is important to wash and keep the skin as clean as possible.

1) Nippon Kodo Pelican Charcoal facial soap bar 
2) Sigma face polishing tool (Click HERE for review)

The above are the products I use as part of my skincare routine.

1) Clinique Repair Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector (face serum)
2) Clinique Repair Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting eye cream (eye)
3) Clinique Repair wear Uplifting Firm (face)
4) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (lips, face, nails)

Hope you found this post useful and let me know if you are or are thinking about using Clinique products as part of your skincare. 

Have a pleasant week.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Skincare routine plus beauty tips (Singapore & Sweden friendly)

Many have asked how I maintain my skin so I recorded my skincare routine. I use products that are suitable for both Singapore and Swedish climate/weather. Singapore being a hot & humid climate, I usually go for products that are water based as it will not make my skin look too oily. When in Sweden, I have to use products that are slightly richer and moisturizing as it is quite dry here even during summer. Winter is a whole different story as my skin goes into a dry spell dying for moisture and nourishment. Oils seems to work well. I must say that maintaining good skin begins from the inside. Drinking plenty of water, exercising, eating healthy and feeling happy are very crucial in ones life and skin. No beauty product in the world can help if one neglects good health and well being.

Here are the products I use for my face.

THEFACESHOP - Aloe Herb care cleansing foam 

I don't use toner anymore as I feel that it has not done much for my skin. 

Eye cream
Eucerin - AQUAporin active eye cream (great for Singapore weather, not sufficient mositure for winter) 
Akamuti - Evening primerose day cream (great for Swedish winter, used with a light touch around the eyes)
Akamuti - Replenishing rose face cream (great for Swedish winter, used with a light touch around the eyes)
Boots No.7 - Protect & Perfect eye cream (works well for Singapore & Swedish summer, not my favorite product)

Akamuti - Evening primerose day cream (great for Swedish winter)
Akamuti - Replenishing rose face cream (great for Swedish winter)
Eucerin - DemoPURIFER hydrating care for oily and blemish prone skin (great for Singapore and Swedish summer)
LA ROCHE POSAY - Hydraphase Intense Rich moisturizer (great for Singapore and Swedish summer)

Face mask
Divyaa - Young look face mask powder (available in Singapore, can't seem to find other stores that sell online)

Makeup remover
Neutrogena - Deep Clean cleansing oil (seems like this product is only available in asia, this does a pretty decent job at removing makeup, even waterproof makeup)

I have also included some beauty tips so be sure to watch my video.

Youtube Video

Hope this helps, thanks for coming by.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Akamuti skincare haul

Thanks to one of my fellow Youtuber Dianeuk01, I got to know about this company Akamuti. They have a skincare line which is 100% natural and organic at an affordable price. I absolutely love their products except for one. You will see why as you read on. Akamuti ships only with UK and Europe for now. However you can find the Akamuti products on ebay but they do not have a whole range as seen on their website.

So I went ahead to purchase the following items after Dianeuk01 talked about how they have worked well on her skin. I have always been into natural products and am very picky with what I put on my face. When I read about this company and how they produce their products, I was quite impress because they believe in fair-trade (in other words this company believes in trading ethically and responsibly). I am a true believer in that and one day when I own a business, it will be like that too.

I have talked about how the products have worked on my skin so please check it out. Here are the products I got.

1) Organic facial mist 110ml - £6.95
2) Organic eye toner - £6.00
3) Organic facial blossom facial toner - £6.95
4) Organic virgin shea butter - £6.95
5) Replenishing rose facial oil - £10.00
6) Lavender & Geranium body oil - £6.50 (I totally forgot to include this item in my video review as it was left in my bathroom.)

I absolutely love all the items except for the organic virgin shea butter. To me the butter was not smooth when applying as it was tugging onto my skin and it smelled like old rubber/latex. However, the company did mention about the firmness and smell of the shea butter on their website. I did read it but I didn't expect it to be this bad. I will find a way to make this shea butter work for me. Just as a warning, if you are someone who dislikes the smell of rubber or is even allergic to it, I suggest you keep away from this particular product. 

Now for my overall view of this company and their products.

Akamuti customer service : 5/5 
(They were really good with handling complaints.)

Product packaging : 2.5/5 
( The items were packed in bubble wrap and put in a normal pick envelope. The facial oil and mist bottles were made of glass, so I was quite suprised at how brave they were to pack the bottles like that without much concern about breakage and leaks. Also the fact that one of my facial mist was leaking, that clearly showed that they could improve on the packaging. See pic below and you will understand what I mean.)

Item delivery - 5/5
(Very fast, even with the replacement facial mist. Since the item is shipped with Europe, it was fast and I was not taxed like crazy by the Swedish customs.)

Product quality : 4.5/5
(Absolutely love how the oils and mists works on my skin. I am one satisfied customer for sure)
Overall experience : 4/5
(I will definitely repurchase from them. Maybe even buy them as Christmas gifts for my family as they have gift cards option too.)

Package came like this!

Hope this review helps you guys who want to purchase anything from Akamuti. 

Love Love!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skin care routine

Another subscribers request on my skin care routine. I have changed my routine since moving to Sweden. I am not able to get the same products I used to use in Singapore so finding alternative was the only solution (in fact they are inexpensive alternatives).

No products in the world can help with problematic skin. Most importantly, having good skin involves good habits and lifestyle. I can't say the same for really problematic skin then I suggest you start seeing a Dermatologist. 

I do not smoke nor drink and I am not into oily / junk food (sometimes it's ok to have some). I try to drink plenty of water and eat fruits on a daily basis. Exercise is a good way to expel toxins from the body too. I try to do masks at least once a week (twice a week is best). Never sleep with makeup on! That's a big no-no! I wash my face twice a day (sometimes I do get lazy). Somedays I let my skin breathe and that means I don't wear any make up. 

Lastly, think good thoughts and smile as much as you can. This is my secret to looking 22 when I am actually 29 (well, that's what I hear with many people who meet me for the 1st time and do not know my real age!) . 

Here are the products I use daily.

Cleanser : Faceshop cranberry face wash (I stocked up when in Singapore as I can't get it in Sweden)
Toner : Lumene Matt touch balancing toner for oily/combination skin (You can get it in Sweden's beauty stores eg, KICKS. It is a skincare product from Finland)
Eye cream : Biotherm age fitness power 2 ( This has lasted me for the past 5months. A little under the eye is all you need.)
Moisturizer : L300 Anti age day cream ( This is a swedish skincare line. Available at any drugstores in Sweden)
Lips moisturizer : Klover vasaline (Any brand vasaline will work)
Sunscreen/Sunblock : Eucerin SPF 50+ sun fluid mattifying face (Good alternative to Neutrogena Ultra sheer sunblock)

Hope you find this useful!

Till next time, think happy thoughts!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Basic skin care

This is my skin care regime :


I use a good cleanser to wash off grime and dirt from my face. This is done after removing makeup. Face shop cleansers do a pretty decent job in cleansing the skin without drying it out. I have used all 3 and am very satisfied with them.

1st - Herb Day Cleansing Foam - Clarifying Acerola. Rich in Vitamin C, this radiance-boosting cleanser clarifies, promotes skin regeneration for smooth, radiant skin.

2nd - Herb Day Cleansing Foam - Hydrating Aloe. Aloe is well-known for its soothing quality. Calm your irritated exhausted and reddened skin.

3rd - Herb Day Cleansing Foam - Purifying Lemon. For a clearer skin Lemon and other fruit and organic acids lifts off dirt make-up and other impurities while controlling excess sebum leaving skin pure and luminous.

Applying a toner helps to close the pores which have been open while cleansing the face. I think it also removes grime and dirt left even after cleansing. Since I my skin type is 'combination', in other words oily T zone,I use a toner without alcohol.
Moisturising (eye area)
I use Biotherm age fitness power 2 eye cream. What it does is that it immediately smoothes the skin and helps relieve fatigue. Since I am exposed to the sun many hours in the day because of my job, this really helps. I see a difference in the way my eye area looks after using this product. Just a bead sized dollop will do.

Moisturising (face)

I use Biotherm thermal gel intense moisturization. This moisturiser does not feel heavy on the skin. It drys and settles into the skin quickly which is good for me since I am always in a hurry in the mornings. Since is is for normal to combination skin type, it does not leave my T-zone oily and shiny. The gel is easy to work with. Just a little goes a long way.

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin that may clog the pores. Since I have an oily T-zone, it is essential to remove the excess oil which may cause black & white heads (even worse pimples). I try to use natural products when it comes to scrubs/masks. My favourite for now is this beauty mask powder. This traditional herbal facial pack masking helps smoothen, lighten & tighten skin. Helps to remove black & white heads, pimples, pigmentation & wrinkles. All you have to do is to add 1 tablespoon of this powder into luke warm water and mix into a paste. After which apply it on all over the face including the neck. After 20 mins wash it away. I love the smooth and clean feel afterwards. This mask powder can be found at any Indian shops (in Singapore).

Well this is what I do to maintain a clean and clear face. A good diet and drinking plenty of water also helps maintain good skin. It helps flush out toxins from the system.

I hope this helps you. Have a great week!