Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and Thank you!

‎2011 is coming to end real soon. I will be counting down at the airport as I am going back home after my one month stay in Singapore. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, blogger friends, for all your wonderful support. Every comment, encouragement that I have received from you meant a lot to me. It encourages me even more to contribute to this community in the ways that I can. 

I want to wish all of you a wonderful New Year and a blessed 2012. May the next year be even better than this year! I know 2012 is going to be a fabulous for me and my husband as we are expecting our little bundle of joy in April. 

New life, new beginning. I hope you will all join me in this wonderful journey...

With much love,

Uma Preve

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cheap brush cleaner from Daiso

I am always on the look out for good yet cheap products that work just as good as expensive ones. I think this time I found one that really works.

It costed me SGD$2.00 only. This is a detergent for makeup puff and sponge from Daiso. Even though it says it's for sponges and puffs, I have used it for natural and synthetic hair bristled makeup brushes. It works beautifully! Makes my brushes squeaky clean, just the way I like it!

Daiso is Japanese owned franchise where most of the products are low priced. In Singapore, all items are priced at SGD$2.00. Loads of fun things that you can't find in a regular departmental stores. I am sure Daiso is available in the USA as well. Just google it!

Previously, I was using shampoo to deep clean my brushes. The reason why I did that is because the brushes I mostly use are made of animal haired bristles so it only made sense for me to use shampoo as I would to my own hair. Many of my brushes have lasted me for a really long time. I have brushes that are 9 years old. Yes, I have really old brushes that look just as good as new ones. Moral if the story, if you take good care of the brushes, they will last for a long time (I mean really long!).

How to use the detergent : Place a drop or two on a dish or your palm. Lather up with the dirty brushes using swirly motions and rinse off in luke warm water. Place the brush on a flat surface to dry overnight or for a couple of hours.

Here you can see the how clean the brushes are after using the Daiso detergent to wash them with.

MAC 217 (Animal hair bristle)

Sigma F80 flat top kabuki (synthetic bristle) 

I like how my Sigma F80 brush is clean and the white bristles can be seen. Previously, I was not able to clean this brush well even with mild dish washing liquid and shampoo. Finally found a product that works.

I hope to get a couple of back ups before I leave for Sweden soon. 

I hope you found this post useful and perhaps try the brush cleaner for cleaning your brushes, sponges and puffs.

Hope you all are having a great week.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Simple sweetheart makeup (using 88 neutral palette)

Viewers request for a simple neutral look using 88 warm palette. I bought mine from Ebay a while back. The warm palette includes loads of neutral shades, great for those who don't like too much color. It has matte and shimmer textures to the shadows to choose from.

It's Christmas time and I am pretty busy but I really wanted to squeeze in some makeup looks for my lovelies. I hope you like it. 

Products used are

Mac - Dipdown fluidline (eyebrows)
Urban decay - Primer potion
Mac - Constructivist paintpot
88 Palette - Reddish brown e/s
88 Palette - Peachy shade e/s
88 Palette - Neutral highlight e/s
88 Palette - Dark brown e/s
Urban decay - Perversion liquid liner
Loreal - Double extension mascara in black

La femme - Mocha blush

Mac - Speak louder lipstick
Mac - Straight to head lipgelee

Video Tutorial

Wishing all of you lovelies a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
May this day be a blessed one!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vampy dramatic glittery party makeup (suitable for Christmas or NYE party)

Whenever it's the festive season, I usually gravitate towards dark smokey eyes and glitter. Just love the combination of the darkness and the sparkles. So here is a look, I came up with that would be suitable for a Christmas party or even New year's eve party. I made sure that I used minimum products so that many of my lovely viewers can recreate it using whatever they have in their makeup kit/stash. 

Makeup does not have to be complicated!

Please excuse the lighting as I am not at home where I have a home studio/makeup room with proper lighting. Did the best I can with what I had at hand. I hope you like it. 

Products used are:-

Mac - Dipdown fluidline (eyebrows)
Elle - Kajal khol
Mac - Blacktrack fluidline
Kryolan - Dark blue e/s
Mac - Naked pigment
Barry M - #21 fine glitter
Ebay - no brand false lashes
Mac - False lashes mascara in false black

La Femme - Amber blush

Mac - Vino lipliner
Mac - Rebel lipstick

Video Tutorial

Thanks for coming by!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Golden Fuchsia makeup using sponge tip applicator

One doesn't need so many brushes to apply makeup. Simple tools like a sponge tip applicator is all you need to get flawless results. Great for beginners, someone who is on a budget and someone who is always in a rush and on the go!

Products used are:-

H&M - Brown eyebrow pencil
Mac - Rubenseque paintpoint
Lakme - Silk route eye quad
Urban decay - 24/7 glide on pencil in zero
Loreal - Double extension mascara in black
Ebay - False lashes

Luminess Air brush - Apricot blusher

Nyx - Tea Rose lipstick
Nyx - Nutmeg lip liner

Hope you like this look.

Thanks for coming by!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cheap Makeup brush, eyeliner and lipliner holders (great for Makeup Artists)

Recently, I was at an arts and supply store at Bras Basah complex (in Singapore). I was looking at some tools to organize my traveling makeup suitcase. I am a free lance makeup artist and need my tools to fit my suitcase.


This is a holder for paint brushes. Well, I don't see why I can't use it for makeup brushes. Makeup and paint brushes are same same but different!

This paint brush holder holds 30 brushes. I have way more then that in my kit. Yes, I know I am a brush addict. I get some brushes for free too so of course it adds up with the ones I buy too.

This holder costs around SGD$12.00. I think it is a good deal as most makeup brush holders are around the same price and hold only half of what this holder can.

I can even make the holder stand with the velcro strips that is attached (see picture below). 

Some brushes are missing as I have yet to clean them. 

Now, for pencil eye liners and lip liners, I found Copic markers holder (SGD$8.00). I was so excited as I have been wanting this holder for a long time for my Copic markers and was not able to get them in Sweden. Bought a few holders not only for my lip/eye liners but also for my Copic markers.

It can be placed like a stand too! Cool right?!

I hope some of you found the above useful if you were thinking of makeup organizers that are inexpensive.

Do you have any organizing tips to share?

Hope you are having a pleasant week.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Japanese skincare: CURE Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator

It has been 15 days since I came to Singapore. After nursing the jetlag and a small medical issue (where I was hospitalized for two days), I am finally ready for blogging and perhaps making videos... Am taking it slow.

Last week, I was shopping for toiletries at Watsons. For my international readers, Watsons is the Asian version of a drugstore/beauty supply store. After living abroad for a while, everything in Singapore seems  new and interesting to me (even though it has been around for ages!). 

I found an interesting Japanese skincare product. It's called CURE Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator. As claimed on their site, it's No.1 selling skincare product in Japan and 1 bottle is sold every 20 seconds. Impressive right?! Well, let's see if it is really as good as it claims.

Luckily, I was able to get some samples to try before deciding to buy the full size bottle. All I did was ask for samples at the cashier counter.

You get two small sample packets of products. One packet is enough for an entire face exfoliation.

'How to use' instructions included. You can also get this info on their website.

Sampled product on my face and this is how it looks!

My overall view about this product.

- I am always skeptical when companies claim that their product is no.1 selling. This is because, if it was so, I am sure it would have been made known worldwide especially now with the advanced social media. I have not heard of it until I visited Watsons. 

- The consistency of the product is watery and gel like. You have to be careful when squeezing it out of the packet as you might spill some. It happened to me!

- It felt nice and cooling on my face when I applied it.

- After a few seconds I started to gently rub in circular motion for 30 seconds and white particles started to surface. This is supposed to be dead skin (See above pic on the right). Looks gross right!

- I washed my face afterwards and applied my usual skincare products like eye cream and moisturizer.

- I must say, my skin was so soft and smooth after the exfoliation. 

- With all said, I still need about a month or two to see how well it works and improves my skin. 

From what I read on their site, this product can also be used on elbows, knees and feet. I have not tried it yet.

If you would like to know more about CURE Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator, you can visit their website and facebook.

For my Singaporean readers, you can get free samples at the cashier counter of Watsons. 
Don't be shy, just ask!

Have you guys tried this product? Or something similar. What are your thoughts?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Luminess Air brush makeup for a flawless face (+Youtube Giveaway)

For a very long time, I have stayed away from airbrush makeup as I found it very expensive and intimidating with the loud compressors thus never included it is my professional freelance kit. Also, I learnt to apply makeup the old school way and that is to use makeup sponges and brushes so it was quite difficult to make the cross over.

Finally, took the leap and I am loving the results of air brush makeup with Luminess Air brush system. I just love how my face feels and looks like after airbrushing. Beautiful, glowing and radiant skin (of cos pregnancy has also contributed to the glowing LOL!). It lets my natural skin show true. This is how makeup should look like, it should not be a mask which most often is when applied wrongly.

Here is a before & after picture of me with the airbrush makeup. In case you were wondering, I have done no digital retouch at all.

See the difference!

Here are the pictures and details of the what comes in the kit.

 Four different shades to try. I am in the Tan/Dark range and chose the Ultra finish foundation. Shade 7 suits me very well.

Bronzer, blush, brightening glow and moist primer is also included.

 Air brush eyeshadow kit for brown eyes. 

What I liked about the Air brush system
- My skin looks flawless and radiant.
- It was so easy to use, beginner friendly.
- Love how you could build from light to heavy coverage.
- There are 3 different types of foundation finishes to choose from. Ultra (mix of satin and matte), Satin (for a dewy finish), Matte (for oily skin).
- Portable compressor which is not noisy.
- Super easy to clean and maintain after every use. (great that a cleaning bottle is included in the kit)
- The foundation is water based so it's lightweight on the skin. 
- Great for sensitive, problematic skin.
- Water resistant (Not waterproof).
- Makeup does not transfer, if only using airbrush makeup without powder or anything on top of it.
- Great kit to travel with.
- Makeup lasted for 6 hours (after that the oily t-zone started to show).

What I Disliked about the Air brush system
- Did not minimize wrinkles or pores as claimed on website.
- The eyeshadow kit is not work for me as I found it extremely difficult to apply on myself.

Overall feel
- It is a great beginner kit and even a pro kit for a makeup artist.
- I would definitely repurchase the foundation shades in a bigger bottle/container as I like the formula and consistency of the makeup.
- A value for money kit. The compressor is a one time investment so what you will have to repurchase is the foundation, blush, bronzer when they run out.

Luminess Air brush makeup demo/tutorial video, so you can see how easy it was for me to apply it.

 Here is the review & giveaway video. Luminess Air was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway.
Watch video for details!

This is the giveaway prize. It is worth about $200.

Hope you guys will participate in the giveaway on my Youtube channel and win this kit.

Thanks for coming by my lovelies.

(Disclaimer: Item was provided by company for review purposes. I say what I feel and never feel obliged to give a bias review. I stand by my view always!)