Saturday, November 27, 2010

Red,black and gold party look

Here is a look I came up with using the good girl palette from Sleek. I really liked how the look came together. I really like Sleek eye shadow palettes, they are inexpensive yet so pigmented. Love it!

This look is very party appropriate. Great for the holiday season. I will definitely rock this look with a pretty LBD.

The products used for this look are:

Urban decay - Primer potion
Mac - Blacktrack fluidline (as base)
Sleek - Good girl palette red e/s (outer crease)
La femme - Black e/s (deepen the outer crease)
Obsessive compulsive cosmetics - Auric e/s (inner corner)
Mac - Ricepaper e/s (highlight)
Urban decay - Perversion black liquid eyeliner
Mac - Feline eye khol pencil

Sleek - Pomegranate blush

Mac - Underplay lipstick
Sasa - Red lip pencil

Hope you guys like this look!

Have a great weekend!

Love Love!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giveaway on my Youtube channel

This is my 1st ever giveaway on my Youtube channel. This is to show my appreciation to all my wonderful subscribers on Youtube/Umapreve. I hope you guys will join it and win some prizes.

The rules are :

1) Must be 18 years old and above, if not you must have parental consent to enter this contest. 
2) Must be a Youtube channel subscriber (I will check!)
3) Open to all international subscribers.

How to enter this giveaway:
Type 'Enter me' and state why you like my channel in the comment section. 

Simple and easy! I will select the best answer and use to select the 3 winners.

Giveaway deadline : 29th Nov 2010 Monday

The prizes include Sleek Limited edition Circus & Good girl palette, Sleek (LE) Rose gold & Pomegranate blushes, BarryM #98 &#22 Dazzle dust and glitter, lastly Urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in covet.

Good luck and thanks for all your wonderful support!

(PS: A giveaway for my bloggers who love to sew is coming soon! So look out for that!)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm still here!

Hello my lovelies,

I know it's been a while since I blogged anything. I am not feeling all too well and have been busy with my course work. I had to do loads of drawing and experiment with different art supplies for my illustrations. I have learnt a lot. Also I have been a little down because of the weather here in Sweden. Days are getting shorter and darkness is really freaking me out. I need the sun! 

Anyway, these are the reasons for my absence. I promise to pull my self together and get all the things I plan to do done asap. The things I need to do 1st is to host a contest/giveaway on my Youtube channel and do a giveaway on my blog. It is about time! Need to show my appreciation to my fellow makeup addicts and sewing enthusiasts. Without you guys, there would be no Umapreve/youtube or

Regarding giveaways, I won one. It was from Eve's house (blog). She is an awesome person and I am very privileged to know her and become a personal friend. She has such a sweet spirit! Check her out if you haven't.

Here is the pretty jewelry set and goodies she sent me.

Don't mind the mess, I was drawing when I received the package. 

She gave me cute buttons too! Thank you Eve!

Eve's creations! 
Love the leopard print box. Love it!

Thanks for coming by. 

Big hugs!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An interesting article - Top ten ways to be a Feminist

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook. Out of curiosity I read it and found it interesting. Here it is ladies, top ten ways to be a Feminist. Read this article and you will see that there is no need to go bra-less and refuse to shave our armpits to prove a point. 

I know that I am already doing some of what has been written in the article. I am a Feminist in my own way!

Hope you like it!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mascara review: Loreal volume million lashes

This is a Youtube subscriber's request for me to share my thoughts about Loreal volume million lashes mascara. I always believe in trying out a product for at least 3-4 weeks before I do a review of it. 

So here is a breakdown of what I like and dislike about this mascara.

(image is from

1) It does not clump. I don't have to work with cleaning out excess maraca from my lashes as the tube has a anti clump wiper. I guess most mascara has it but this one really works.

2) Love the rubberized bristle want. I can apply the mascara with ease without much effort. 

3) The fanning out effect the bristles give when applying mascara. This helps to separate my lashes. I do not need to use a separate comb for that.

4) I love how pigmented it is. I like black mascaras. 

1) I wish it had a thicker formula. So that I do not need to apply 4-5 coats to achieve the same effect as I would get with the Mac zoom lash mascara. 

2) Even though the rubberize bristle is great for my upper lashes, it doesn't seem to work for my bottom lashes. It's too thick a wand. I can imagine that this mascara might be difficult to apply for some of you who have shorter bottom eye lashes.

Overall rating:

(I continue my search for 'the perfect mascara'!)

Thanks for coming by!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Cold & Dark! How do you deal with it?

It's 0 degrees here in Sweden. The sun sets at 430pm and sun rises at 8am. It's always cloudy and dull. How do you deal with darkness and cold? I really do not know how. I try not to look at the clock so that I don't freak out at how the days are shorter. My skin is has lost most of the sunny glow. Now it looks pale like I would when I'm sick. How do I deal with that?

I didn't realize how much the sun is important in ones life until now.  Thank God I am going back to Singapore in Jan for 3 weeks. 

Even though life is good, we always tend to find something to complain about. For me it's the cold and darkness. I am so used to having sunlight/sunshine from 7am till 630pm back in Singapore.

Don't mind my rambling, hope you are having an awesome weekend. How is the weather on your side?

This is how it looks outside my home.


(PS: I am planning a giveaway so hopefully it will be revealed soon!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

London here I come!

Hello Everyone,

Guess what, I am visiting London tomorrow for the 1st time in my life. I am so excited. It will be a very short trip (2days and 1night) but I am so happy that Mr Hubby and I could get to spend some time together there. I also have some business to take care off which I can't talk much about now. When the time comes I will tell you guys. So London here I come, please make sure you have awesome deals on makeup, fabric and stuff. Please, I am deprived of good shopping here so I need to get my fix (LOL)!

I know I have not been blogging much but there is a reason for it. I have been so busy drawing. I am not sure if I told you guys this but I am doing a e-learning course with London college of fashion in Fashion illustration. OMG, I have so much homework. I am happy so I am not really complaining. It feels like I can finally put my designs and ideas on paper. 

Here are some drawing I have been working on. It took me many hours to complete each one. It may look like it's easy art but it's not (trust me!). It has taken up so much of my time.

This is one that I am currently working on now.

Thank you so much for coming by.

Good night everyone. 

Sweet dreams!
(PS: I am off to bed now so that I can wake up in time for the flight!)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Self esteem issues (my story)

Hi Everyone!

Yes, this video is about my story on self esteem issues. I grow up thinking that I was ugly because I was dark. It was time I spoke about it and how I overcame this. I really hope, this video will help someone and let them know that they are not alone.

Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

To all my lovelies, 

Happy Halloween. 

This holiday is not all that celebrated in Singapore nor Sweden like in the USA. Instead we have 'All Saint's day' which would be next weekend. 

For me, Halloween period is the time I can experiment with crazy makeup looks that I would not normally do or wear. These looks were created for contests on YouTube. Needed a reason to do them! Please feel free to tell me if they look crazy! ( I think they are!)

My 1st creation
Jord - Earth Goddess (Look is based on a Viking myth)

The green leaves were from the yard nearby. I think there was cat pee on it. It had a bad smell. Oh well, what we have to do for vanity! LOL!

My 2nd creation

Tribal Queen 
 I was into belly dancing many years ago and I did learn Tribal belly dancing. So this look was the outcome of that memory. The two buns on my head reminded my husband of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Makeup is fun. 

Thanks for coming by here. 

Have a wonderful week ahead!