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Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY: Basic Manicure (with simple nail art for short nails)

After moving to Sweden, I have become a very DIY person. Everything is so expensive here! Mainly because of the taxes. Now one of the things that I have learnt to do on my own is doing my own nails. Yes, I was very spoiled in Singapore as I would get my hands and feet done every month in a salon. It was very affordable and it made me happy. Ultimately, that is what matters! Don't you think so?

In my recent videos, many viewers have requested for me to do a DIY manicure/pedicure tutorial as they felt that my nails were well kept. Now, I need to clarify this. Firstly, I have dry hands (cuticles and feet) as I am a very hands on person when it comes to cleaning, washing dishes, etc... Oh, might add that the Swedish weather has not been kind to my skin either. Lastly, I have no choice but to do mani/pedicures myself as I want to save money and not let my nails deteriorate.

I have made a video tutorial showing you how easy it is to get your nails done at the comfort of your home. You can use the same technique on toe nails too. I know many will start asking to do a pedicure video. Well, my toes are camera shy, so no videos in the near future featuring my little piggies (Sorry!).

Products used are :-

Sally Hansen Nail polish remover
Cotton pad
Glass nail file (much better than emery board files)
Towel (Optional)
China Glaze white tea extract manicure soak (Cuticle softener)
Manicure soak bowl (or any type of shallow container)
Cuticle pusher or orange stick (personally prefer the rubber tip ones as they are gentle)
Cuticle cutter
Seche vite nail treatment for weak and thinning nails
The Faceshop Almond oil cuticle & nail balm (vaseline works well too)
Nail art stencil sticker
H&M Red nails polish
H&M Golden treasure polish
Orly in a snap top coat (this has a quick drying formula)

Video Tutorial

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ebay haul time and yes I am back!

Hello my Lovelies,

I know I have been MIA for a while. This winter is really hard for me. It's still cold and grey here in Sweden. However, there has been some Sun shine coming through on some days. I never really thought living in a cold environment can be this hard. Obviously, my body is so tuned to the hot, sunny and humid Singapore. I am really looking forward to Spring.... So badly! Please God hear me out!

Even though the past two weeks has not been that motivating for me, it didn't stop me from doing some online shopping. This time, it's ebay and a web-store from Hongkong.

Here are the items I bought and the links to the ebay sellers in case you guys are interested to know. Please click on the link so that you will be directed to the seller's ebay/web store.

12 color glitter powder - 180in_com
Synthetic flat top foundation face brush - ecdaphne888
100 mixed 3D nail art cane sticks - eleseed
20 color nail art 2-way pen brush - ebeautyhouse
UV Gel Nail Art Kit Set Lamp Buffer Edge Cutter Carver - 
10 pcs Clear False Nail tips Art Display Practice Wheel -

Tips on buying from Ebay :
This is based on my experience as I have bought tons of things from ebay for the past 10 years or so.

1) Make sure you to do your research on the items that you are planning on buying. It helps big time!
2) Check out the ebay seller's feedback rating. Check if they have any negative feedback. Sometimes, you can see a pattern on whether the seller is problematic or not.
3) Make sure you use paypal to pay. Paypal has some form of buyers protection so this way, you can protect your credit card details and also raise a dispute of the seller does not deliver in accordance to what you have bought.
4) Buying anything online is like taking a chance. So be prepared that some things may differ in size, shape from the pictures on the ebay store. 
5) Be prepared to wait for up till 3 weeks for the package to arrive, especially if you are living in Europe. This is mainly applicable if the item is shipped from Asia (eg, China, Hong Kong, etc...)

I hope some of you find this post useful. I am glad that I managed to pull myself together to post a video and type up this post. Trust me, I am having a really tough time right now! Maybe it's going to be that time of the month! Hmmm... I hope this phase passes soon!

Anyway, thanks for coming by my darlings! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My recent nail obsession!

It's been a while, I know! I am just chilling and getting my groove back on after a nice vacation in Singapore.

However, during this time, I have realized that I am getting quite obsessed with nails. Which includes nail polishes, UV Gel nails and nail art. Been playing around with colours and my new toy ' Konad nail stamping tool'. 

Painting nails is so much fun. Soon it will be that time of the year where sandals or open toe shoes are fashionable! Nicely manicured/pedicured nails are a must. Nobody wants to see yucky feet! Promise!

Since everything is highly priced where I am living right now, DIY is the best way to go for me. I used to work as a manicurist when I was 17+ years old before I joined the Army. Thus for me it's like rekindling old memories!

Now, enough of my ramblings! Here are some pictures of my nail 'playtime'.

I am so looking forward to spring. I can't wait to start sewing. Autumn and Winter was like hibernating time for me. I guess it is like that for many! LOL!

Take care my lovelies! See you soon!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My nail interest: Konad nail art & gel nails

I have this sudden interest in nails after I stumbled upon a store at Far East Plaza (Singapore) that sells Konad stamping nail art a couple of days ago. I was so excited and very hyped to try it out. So I went ahead and bought a couple of special nail polishes, image plates, stamping tool, etc. 

I am so glad I bought them because it is so fun to use. I did my mum's nails and my own. It is so easy to use. It's like getting your nails done with art work at a faction of a price at home.

As you all know, I am living in Sweden, sadly everything there is freaking expensive. That means I would have to pay 3 times more to get a mani/pedicure done in a salon compared to Singapore. Also, I have realized that Sweden does not carry many brands that other countries have( Kinda backwards with beautry tech/trends). So now that I am in Singapore for vacation, I stock up on things that interest me very much. That way, I will not feel left out with updated beauty trends.

So here is my 1st try with Konad stamping (even added rhinestones to bling up the nail). 

Please forgive the ugly nail polish application. 

Today, I got my gel nails done. I have never tried this ever before. Since I was in the Army for 10 years, I was never allowed to paint and have long nails. It was against the rules and regulations. Thus I would only paint my toe nails as they are always hidden away in army boots.

Now that I am no longer in the Army, I have all the freedom to try out things that I never was allowed do and use before. It's like giving a kid candy. That is how happy I am with my new gel nails.

The good thing with it is that I can paint nail polish over (if I want a change of colour to match my outfit of something). The down side is that I will have to get them touched up by a professional when my nails grow out. I hope this gel nail system is available in Sweden (Uppsala). Fingers crossed!

Here are the pictures.

(for once I feel like my nails look nice! Never really liked my natural nails as they are quite brittle and they never grow long!)

I can't stop looking at my nails. It feels like Christmas with these nails!

Hahaha! I am such a kid sometimes!

Do you guys have any tips on how I should maintain gel nails? I would love to hear them!

Thanks for coming by darlings!

(Have another 7 more days in Singapore before I go back to Sweden! I am going to miss Singapore very much!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nail of the day: China glaze HELI-YUM

This is such a lovely colour. It reminds me of raspberries! I love pinky red shades, they are girly yet stylish (in my opinion of course!). As you can see, I am a little rusty with nail polish application. That's why it looks like rubbish on my nails now. I was all shaky when I painted the nails. Just wanted to glam up my poor nails. Anyway, please enjoy the colour otherwise! :)

Love Love!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nail care haul and NOTD

I am back from my mini vacation. Feeling all so relaxed. Guess what was waiting in the mail when I got back. It was my order from Head2toe beauty store. I had to buy the nail stuff online as it's so freaking expensive here in Sweden. I thought I made a great buy only to find out that I was taxed by the Swedish authorities of an extra 180 kr (about SGD$25). Well, I guess I can never get around that. Anyway, I am very satisfied with the buy and the store for their prompt service. items were very well packed and there was no leak or cracks in the items.

Here are the items I purchased:

1st row : High maintenance, For audrey, White on white
2nd row : High hopes, Heli yum, Inner beauty

1st row : Supernail thinner, Seche rebulid, Chna glaze white tea extract manicure soak, Ibd 5 secs professional nail glue
2nd row : Orly spritz dry, Gena MRX all purpose antiseptic, Dr G's 2in1 callus and cuticle remover, Orly in a snap, Crystal nail file

Did a little test of the nail polish. Here is the NOTD pic.

With flash

Without flash

High hopes is a peachy orange coloured nail polish. this was just one coat with a clear top coat. I think this is a great summer colour. Bright and bold.

Rating : 4/5

 The consistency is great. Not too think nor thin. Good coverage with one coat. Good price and a great alternative for OPI nail polish which are quite costly.

Thanks for dropping by lovelies, till next time have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nail of the day : Faceshop nailcolour RD303

Here is another nail of the day! This is a pretty dark red nail polish. With two coats, it looks like it could be a dark brown too. I think it's classy!

Love Love!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nail of the day : Faceshop nailcolour GR502

Lovely green nail polish with sliver undertones. Love the shade. I have never worn green nail colour ever in my life. This is the first!

Here are some pictures.

That is all for now..

Love Love!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nail of the day : Faceshop nailcolour PK108

I am loving this colour so much. It reminds me of MAC lipstick in fast play. It is a pretty mauve pink tone nail colour. I think it compliments darker skin toned ladies. Here are some pictures.

Hope you like it! 
Love Love!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nail of the day : Faceshop nailcolour PP404

After so many years, I am finally getting into the nail polish hype. This is from Faceshop, it's made in Korea. Quality if not that fantastic but it's pretty good for beginners who do not want to spend $20 odd dollars on a nail polish.

It is a beautiful lilac colour. Very pretty and soft. I had to put two coats in order to have the colour show up.

Cost of this is $2.90.

Overall rating : 4/5 stars

Nailcolour PP404

Love love