Saturday, March 5, 2011

My new face/foundation routine

Hello Everyone!

This is a highly requested video asking about my face or foundation routine. I try to keep things simple and minimum as much as I can. I don't like too much makeup. Beauty should shine through from within. Makeup is just an enhancement.

So here are the products I use:

Face base
Moisturizer - Akamuti Replenishing face cream
Toner - Akamuti Orange blossoms facial toner

Nars - Sheer glow foundation in Cadiz
Loreal - True match foundation in caramel beige W7
Revlon - Colorstay in Toast
Mac - Select moisture cover NC44 or NW35

Face powder & Contour
Mac - Medium dark/ Natural & Shimmer MSF
Mac - Deep dark MSF

Mac - 109 contouring brush
Ebay - Flat top synthetic brush
 (I forgot to include this brush in the video as it was in my 'to wash' bin)

Thanks for watching!


  1. Great routine, you look very natural. :)

  2. Your routine is perfect! You always wear just the right amount of makeup!

  3. Loved the video. Your so beautiful!
    I need to get another MSF!

  4. I am glad to bestow 'Versatile Blogger' award on you.

    Please visit this link and accept the award. Thanks">

  5. Your skin color is perfect! lol

  6. You're so pretty even without makeup too!
    Quick and easy foundation tips, cute headband too :D