Sunday, March 20, 2011

OCC Lip Tar Swatches & Review

Hello fellow Lip tar fans,

I got myself some lip tars. Well, they are not made of real tar, so don't you worry! They are very pigmented lip colors that look like gloss but applies like lipstick. A little goes a long say. Super pigmented stuff I say! 

Being a Makeup artist, it is essential for me to be able to provide a variety of colors (includes eyeshadows, blushes, lip colors, etc...) based on the various makeup assignments. For me lip tars enable me to customize lip colors based on my clients needs and preferences. You just need a tiny bit of each color to customize a preferred color (if that makes sense! LOL). I am happy with my purchase.

Now for my quick review based on usage for the past two weeks. To be followed by photo swatches.

Color payoff
I can't repeat this enough! They are so pigmented! What you see in the tube is what you see on your lips when you apply. These puppies definitely conceal my pigmented lips

It lasts for at least 5 hours. After that you will start to see that the lips get dry and the color starts to fade away. They are just a little drying on the lips. I wear a thin layer of vaseline or a lip balm before applying the lip tar.

It's not creamy. It's like a thin gloss that is rich in color. 

They have a peppermint scent, which is very pleasant. I like it!

Price range
Prices defer depending on which online seller. I know from the OCC website, they are priced at USD$13.00. I got mine from a UK online retailer called Love-makeup. They were priced at £8.99 each excluding shipping.

OCC describes this as the perfect bridal pink, soft & neutral color.
For me this shade is a too light to be worn on it's own, however it's great for mixing. However, this will suit those who are of lighter skin tone.

OCC describes this as a clean and classic true coral color.
It is a bright coral which has more pink. Looks ok when worn on it's own however, I would tone it down by outlining the lips with a tad darker lip pencil.

OCC describes this as a soft pink/plum neutral color.
This is a beautiful pink color for brown skin toned ladies. I like this one quite much.

OCC describes this as a deep, brandied plum color.
I truly agree! Beautiful plum/mauve color. It somehow reminds me of Mac fastplay lipstick. 

OCC describes this as deep purple with intense fuchsia undertones.
To me this is a straight up fuchsia color on my lips. Beautiful on olive/brown toned ladies. Reminds me of Mac Gulabi lipstick. Great of those days where you just want some drama on the lips without all out brights (weird)!

Petty Beige
OCC describes this as golden beige neutral.
It is a perfect shade nude color for my pigmented lips that does not wash me out. I love it!

OCC does not seem to carry this on their site anymore however, some UK online sellers do.
I would describe it as a rich, chocolatey brown color. I would not wear this on it's own. It's too dark for my taste. It's definitely for mixing.

Safety orange
OCC describes this as a rich yet vibrant true orange color.
It is a very bright orange color with red undertones which can be worn on it's own but it's best to use a lip pencil to add some dimension to the look in my opinion.

NSFW - Not safe for work
OCC describes this as a true primary red color.
This is a lovely red colour for almost any skin tone. Great for a classic pin-up girl look.

OCC describes this as a true,classic, pin up blue based red.
It is a blue based red. Another pretty red color for any skin tone. Somehow it reminds me of Mac rebel lipstick.

These are the colors I came up with after doing some mixing here and there. 

I hope this helps! 

Thanks for coming by!



  1. Thanks so much for this. I love the look of these and can't wait to try them out. I may have to wait until I fly to the US though because I definitely don't want to pay the Int'l shipping charges lol

    NSFW looks lovely!

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  3. Woww such gorgeous shades!! Love GRANDMA <3

  4. pretty colors...
    d combinations look very gud..

  5. I love Hush on you, great review x

  6. These are so gorgeous! I LOVE Plum!!

  7. wow those are lovely! all the colors suit you well. i am definitely getting some when i get to London in May! Thanks Uma.

  8. Hi Uma, really nice colours, my fav is the fondue.

  9. Oh beautiful colors
    Absolutely gorgeous

  10. great review my dear,I nee to get more OCC liptars they r amazing arent they!!

  11. Wow! they all look great on you!

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