Friday, June 19, 2009

42 colour double stack eyeshadow & blush palette

I finally got my 42 colour double stack matte & shimmer eyeshadow and blush palettes. I tried out both the palettes. Here are my comments about the palettes.

Pros :
1) Very pigmented
2) Beautiful range of colours
3) Texture is much better than the 120 eyeshadow palette (not too soft)
4) Compact size & packaging
5) The shimmer colours are very pretty

1) Palette gets dusty after awhile
2) The blushes are very pigmented, so one has the have a light hand during application.
3) The brushes that come with it are low quality (Can't see myself using it!)

What more can I say, for the price you get great colours. Isn't that what we want? :)

I also bought 56 colour palette for my mum, 32 colour lip palette, silver gel liner & gold gel liner. I will try them out and post reviews of them later.

Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. What is the brand of this palette?? And as of today which eye shadow palette do u recommend?? I want something like this only which has lots of shades coz nowadays all these companies they have this 4 shades palette which is so less for so much cost.. Please reccommend a brand that I shud buy.. I stay in Singapore.. Actually I'm from India but I hav recently moved to Singapore and they don't hv a lot intl brands here.. I'm also brown colored with slight pigmentation around my mouth and under the eye.. And on the lips.. I guess typical for a dark skin :)