Sunday, October 3, 2010

Burda style & what I've been up to!

Guess what was waiting for me in the mail yesterday! Yes, it was my 1st issue of Burda style magazine.

 I have heard so many rave about this magazine. Since I am an sewing enthusiast, I had to get my hands on it. I managed to find an online magazine company which offers various crafts magazines for subscription. Here in Sweden it is quite difficult to get English magazines. Only selected newspaper stands have them.

I got my subscription for Burda style from an UK online magazine company (click here for their link). I have just browsed through. Seems very interesting! Lets see if I can use any of the patterns the attached to the magazine.

The other news is that I have started an online/e-learning Fashion illustration course at London College of fashion. It's a once week lesson. I have loads of drawing to catch up on. The tutor suggested at least 5 drawings a day. I love getting back into drawing my fashion ideas. Maybe I might share some of my artwork here. If you guys want to see of course! 

Tomorrow, I am starting salsa class with Mr Hubby! It's going to be fun. I remember we took up salsa during out courting days.... Those were the days!! Sigh! So it's going to be an exciting time for me. I am glad it is!

Thanks for coming by my wonderful people! Have a pleasant weekend!

Love Love!


  1. Cant wait to see more of ur Artwork dear&goodluck with Salsa classes,hope u have lotsa fun...enjoy e rest of ur wknd&tk care

  2. wow I'm sure u look forward to the salsa lesson!

  3. I wish I could draw. I also wish I could talk the husband into salsa lessons. Have fun for me.

  4. Wow, really nice stuff to do, enjoy babes :)

  5. It would be a pleasure to see your fashion drawings... all I know how to draw are stick Have fun at salsa class.

  6. Sounds exciting can't wait to see your illustrations

  7. Oh man, I've always wanted to take Salsa dancing lessons! You'll have so much fun.

  8. Buys bee, sounds like you are enjoying yourself. I would love to see your drawings! I think your class sounds right down your street for your future endeavours, all the best with it!

    And dance your butt off!