Saturday, August 4, 2012

Checked in, rested and ready to rock n roll!

The flight from Doha to Hong Kong was not a pleasant one for us. The Airline messed up our request for a baby bassinet. Because of their error, I had to hold my baby for the entire (8 hour) flight. On a positive note, we reached Hong Kong safe and sound.

Look at the Immigration officer's face! :)

We checked into lhotelelan.  Since we planned our trip long ago, we were able to get very good room rates. Also, since the apartment hunt will be on full force, we needed a good place to crash and that it was baby friendly. We like this hotel very much.

King size bed.

Very spacious. Great for us as we have five luggage bags.

Bathroom was very clean and well equipped.

Love the shower area. Spacious and the water pressure was excellent!

Baby cot was delivered just minutes after we checked in. My son hates it. He prefers sleeping in between my Husband and me. Such a suckling baby!

The fridge was stocked up with beverages. All included in the room package.

Well stocked snack drawer.

This is my Husband's favorite gadget in the room, the digital temperature control station. Gadgets and men, they go hand in hand!

Now we are hunting for a good apartment that will be our home for the coming years. I will update you guys on the progress soon. Very tiring times but it will all be worth it!

Thanks for coming by guys. Chat soon!



  1. Have fun hunting for a nice and comfortable home :)

  2. Have a great time there! Wish all thr best to ur family!

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  4. Great, I can't wait for you to settle and start back your sewing patterns tutorials. I purchased 30 patterns, now I have to buy material.

  5. awww your baby is so cute..I am glad you reached there safely....take care

  6. baby is growing and ur hotel seems great. goodluck w house hunting,take care x

  7. HI Uma, this is so exciting. Your room looks great, so clean and crisp. I love hotel rooms, just being in a new bed is fun, especially if it's bouncy. Gabe is very selective, just like his Momma :)hehee.

    Hope you find a great place to live! Be safe xoxox

  8. Its nice to know everyone arrived their safely. I love the hotel it looks so warm and cozy. Have a great time in Hong Kong and take care.

  9. Hi Uma!!!,
    Have an award for you. Hope you will accept it. This award has a small game attached it...its fun :)
    Please visit the link below to know the rules and play the game. I know you are busy with setting the house and everything, so take your time to do this. Take care.

  10. sho cute baby!! nice pictures..u looking gr8 :)

    The Sweet Life

  11. hi uma
    i havent met u yet but i feel like i know u!
    i would love to meet you if u ever come to singapore! call me k. we can swap baby stories :)