Thursday, September 3, 2009

Foundation for woman of colour in Singapore?

As usual, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube makeup reviews on products. Obviously, I get inspired to buy and try the products, especially drugstore foundations. Who doesn't like inexpensive makeup that give good results!?

Because of my unusual skin colour, I have to mix MAC's NC45 and NC50 foundation to get the right tone for my skin tone. MAC studio fix fluid foundation gives me the perfect coverage and has SPF15 which is good since I am mostly out in the sun. The down side to it is that I tend to become shiny after awhile. My t-zone starts to get all shiny. This happens even with a primer. So because of this, I have been on a constant lookout for other alternative foundation which are not only inexpensive and give a pretty decent coverage.

So recently, I found many Youtube makeup videos on Revlon colour stay foundation. I was so excited to know that this particular line offers many colour ranges for woman of colour ( in other words woman of a deeper skin tone). They have almost 7 different shades. How can you not be excited!

I went to town and browsed at the revlon counters. Sadly, the only darkest foundation they had was toast. They do not bring in any other darker / deeper toned foundation because it is not in demand. My goodness, how ignorant! As you know Singapore is a multi racial country, which means there are many woman who are of different ethnicity . That also means that there are many shades of woman around! How can it be that only the lighter toned foundations are in demand.

I can bravely say that indian woman in particular have a hard time finding a good foundation because of the limited options. We have to buy MAC or Bobbi brown. Only this two options. Isn't that unfair for those who do not want to spend much on makeup? I think it is!!

So I did my research, bought some drugstore foundations from the US. Am waiting for the shipment to Singapore. I think I will be paying as much as I would for MAC foundation when the shipping charges are calculated. Nevertheless, I want to try other products for Woman of color.

I will be posting a review of what think of the products. Whether they are worth shipping to Singapore or not! Till then, have a pleasant day. Thank you so much for reading this post.


  1. I am Australian, trying to put together a makeup kit for indian/arabic skin tones. I am finding it very hard to find the right foundations. Good luck with your search.


  2. hi uma! i'm singaporean indian and moved to australia abt 5 yrs ago. Singapore never stocks up on foundation for darker skin tones. You're the first south indian girl i've found online who gives make up advice for us darker skinned indians. all the other blogs are by slightly lighter skinned or north indians. love the blog. keep it coming! can u do a post o nthe type of lipstick colours we can wear? i'm slightly fairer than u... nc 40-45 in mac studio sculpt foundation :)

  3. how sad is that they dont have shades to suit everyone,have you you tried Iman,Fashion fair, Black opal and Sleek I think they have stores all over the world those are the few I could recommend to Women of colour that want to spend less. Im nc45 and lucky to live where they have so much varieties but I wish u all e best in ur search,let us know how u get on

  4. I love Iman. I use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. It is light and not heavy for the hot weather. I use walnut shade and the next darker shade is mocha.

    I have tried Iman cosmetics and they have shades for darker skin tones. Unfortunately it isnt available in Singapore cuz I looked for it.

    I am an American expat of South Indian descent and I ended up buying extra foundation is the states. This is ridiculous when there arent that many Indians where I lived in the USA. I was surprised to find that darker skin foundation wasnt available especially when there is an indian community here in singapore.