Saturday, December 5, 2009

I won a contest!

I just realized that I am one of the winners of a contest KandeeJohnson from YouTube hosted. She wanted us to do a Cleopatra costume inspired look. When I saw her video, I was so excited because Cleopatra is my favorite historical character. So I submitted the look not because of the prize but for that particular cleopatra look (this is how crazy I get when I hear Cleopatra!).

She commented about my video entry. It made my day! Here it is, 

''FOR most creative and just all together AWESOME looks: (in no particular order)
Umapreve... did an amazing job and made Cleopatra look wearable....her smile is gorgeous and makes you want to smile along with her...beautiful voice is soothing to listen to....fabulous job, and her make-up looks gorgeous!!!!!''

I am happy! Very happy!


  1. congrats!! :) i'm so happy for you! do u have a picture of the look?

  2. Yes yes, I will post the look. Thanks dear!

  3. Congrats, I love the headpiece, you look beautiful!