Friday, March 2, 2012

Lakme Eye quartet - Swatch and Review

While shuffling through my makeup collection, I re-discovered my lakme eye quartets. They really need more love from me. I usually buy them when I am in Singapore.

Lakme is an Indian cosmetics/beauty brand. You can read more about them here (<= Click link).

See below for swatches for the 8 eye quartets I own. I am sure this will be useful for those who are interested in purchasing them. Here is an online store (<= Click link) that sells lakme cosmetics and ships worldwide. I have never bought anything from them yet however, I might do so soon.

- I like the color combinations of the individual quartets/palettes.
- Most of the eyeshadows are shimmery or satin finish.
- Affordable quartets/palettes. (I bought these at SGD$8.90 in Singapore Jothi store in Little India)
- The eyeshadows tend to last for up to 8 hours if the used with a eye primer.
- Many Mac e/s dupes found in the quartets/palettes.

- Not many matte shadows. (Moon dust quart has white and black e/s with matt finishes.)
- Some of the shadows are crumbly and flakey.

I like these palettes very much if not I would not have collected 8 of them so far. They are great for traveling as you can use just one palette for different looks. Even though some of the eyeshadows are crumbly, I usually use a sponge tip applicator to make them work.

I have used Silk Route eye quartet in a Video tutorial where I used sponge tip applicator to apply the eyeshadows.

I have also used Desert Rose in an older video.

Do you own any of the above quartets/palettes?


  1. Wow these eyeshadows are beautiful, I can't believe how pigmented they are!

    1. They are very pigmented. However, one or two shadows tend to be crumbly. Other then that they are very nice shadows!

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  3. NICE VIDEO! can you pls make a video on application of krylon foundation stick?

    1. Sure dear, I will when I can! Thanks for coming by!

    2. Have used desert rose, colours look great on ur eyes!

  4. my favourite is silk route!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have tanjore rush,botanica,desert rose, peacock and silk route ^_^

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, they are Jennifer! Hope you are doing fine!

  6. I have the Peacock and Purple Oasis. I love the peacock, but I just don't know how to work on purple oasis?I amost got a heart attack when my lil baby niece digged the green color from the peacock quartet and it's all gone :S

    Can't wait to have other colors when Im off to India mid year.Have u tried their 9 to 5 forever silk eyeliners?Im going to get their Jaded Mint and Electric Violet :)))))

  7. Hi Uma,

    This is one of the clearest reviews on the Lakme Quartet, that i have seen so far! In one stroke and a series of 8 swatches you have explained the colours and textures so beautifully.

    Thank You