Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fabric stores in Uppsala, Sweden

I have been on the prowl looking out for fabric and craft stores. Managed to find this two stores. So now you can imagine how excited I am. The first store is called Ohlssons located just before the city centre. It seems like this store has fabrics for dressmaking and home furnishing. Quite a good selection of notions. Unfortunately, they do not have a website Correction, they do have a website, thanks to one of my alert blog follower who spotted that I was wrong. it's in swedish thus use Google translate for english (see below for web address). The regular items/fabrics are not very pocket friendly however they have a discount rack where a good selection of fabric are on sale which seemed quite reasonably priced.

This is the second store. It's called Babra Symaskinservice (translated : Babra Sewing machine service). It's just one block from Ohlossons. They sell and service sewing machines. They have a good selection of dressmaking fabric. Store looks a little cluttered but there seems to be order. The guy who manages the store was very helpful and speaks very good english. They have sewing notions and a good range of sewing treads too. They sell sewing patterns too however the waiting time for the pattern to arrive is about 1or 2 week if they do not have it in stock. Prices seem reasonable but it is too early to say as I was just browsing around.

 Maybe this information might help anyone who comes by Uppsala Sweden. I am sure there are other stores that are yet to be explored. If anyone knows, please share. Greatly appreciated.

That's all for now.

Love Love!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

H&M and some crafts haul!

The weather has been fine just for the past two days. So I took the opportunity to do a little sightseeing and shopping at the city centre at Uppsala. Here are some pictures!

Accessories from H&M.

Beautiful teal coloured earrings. It reminds me of some of my indian jewelry. (cost : 49.50 Kr)

One of my top ten colours, orange. Compliments darker skin tones! (Cost : 49.50 Kr)

Gold coloured bangles, this is also quite indian inspired! I got two sets (Cost 49.50 Kr per set)

I have been thinking about learning how to knit. Thanks to Youtube, I found some really good tutorials! Maybe a scarf for start!
They had some discounts on the yarn. Total cost 167.00Kr

My frist ever embroidery scissors! Beautiful!

This was cool as it indicates what needles to use! I got a pair of knitting needles at size 4.5mm.

Does anyone knows what this means? 
Use Drops Alaska.......

I am so happy to have had some retail therapy. In my next post, I will show you guys some of the fabrics stores available in this part of Sweden! I am so excited that there are such shops around.

Here is a video for my Youtube followers! It's just an update for my absence from the virtual world!

Till next time, enjoy life and appreciate what you have at the moment!

Love Love!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Trim the bush!

As you know from my earlier post about the eventful life I had since I came to Sweden. The result of it is my bushy eyebrows. My eyebrows have been totally neglected. It has grown out unruly and I looked like Grinch! LOL! I was kidding, you know that right?! :)

In Singapore, I could just go to a salon and get it threaded and I would pluck the the strays to maintain the shape. Since I am new in Sweden, I do not know where they do eyebrows in Uppsala. I would appreciate if anyone could advise me if you knew of a place.

I could not stand the sight of it so I had to trim the bush! The Diy style LOL! I plucked and threaded the unruly hair. Finally I got it in shape and it looks symmetric!

Here is the evidence!



Now I look like a normal person. Eyebrows are very important for a well groomed look. Just make sure that you know what you are doing and use the right tools. I used the following.

I used this chart as a guide when shaping the eyebrows.

Eyebrow comb

Good tweezers

Threading thread to remove the fine hair (could not get the picture but you know what I mean!)

A good pair of eyebrow scissors

Lastly, you need a good mirror and patience.  

I hope you liked this post. Till next time, have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

what's been going on in my life!

It's been almost two weeks since I moved to Sweden. It was not the best start as I was very sick. It all started with terrible body ache and cough. I had very high fever on the 2nd day after arriving. Went to the local doctor and had it checked up. Since I did not have my personnel number from Sweden (equivalent to a visa number), I was charged close to SGD$300 (foreigner rate).The doctor said that I had a bad infection and needed to monitor the fever and rest well. The next day my fever was close to 40 degrees celsius, it was getting worse. My mother in law and hubby brought me to the local university hospital for a better check.They were so worried as they have not seen me like that, mourning and crying because of the bad body pain and fever. The doctor took some blood samples and put me on a IV as I was very dehydrated. After which  I was told to get some good rest as it seemed like it was a bad infection. The next day, the doctored called my husband and confirmed that I was having the swine flu/H1N1. 

Must have been infected on the flight as I was very healthy and had no symptoms of any kind of sickness prior to leaving Singapore for Sweden.That was a tough time, I was feeling terrible and missed home so badly. I remember longing to go home! But wait home was were I was (Sweden). It was tough! I was down for 10 days almost. I managed to get through it with the support of my husband, mother in law and father in law. They were so caring. It was a difficult time for them as they were potential H1N1 carriers and could be infected too. Came to know later that my husband's grandmother was sick with similar symptoms 10 days after I was ill. I know it was me who must have infected her as we visited her after arriving to Sweden.

Anyway, I am so much better now! Trying to adapt to the surroundings. Sweden is cold for me. The temperature varies between 0 degrees - 18 degree celsius during Spring. The temperature I am used to is between 27 degrees - 35 degrees celsius. My skin is so dry and scaly because of the change in temperature. I miss Singapore however I am glad to be in Sweden with my husband. It is a new life experience. I am glad I have a chance to live and experience a new country and culture. I am blessed!

Things are different here in Sweden. The native language of the citizens is Swedish. They do speak english when requested. My first language is English and my second is Tamil. So as you can see, I am having troubles with the language. All signs and information are in Swedish so it makes it difficult for me to understand. Thank God I have my husband to translate for me. It is not easy for me in the language department but I will have to get by it some how. Maybe I might learn basic swedish.

With the language and climate situation against me, there are some things that puts a nice smile on my face. In the place I am staying in Uppsala, they have LUSH! The store where they sell homemade soaps and lotions. OMG, I was so delighted. Got myself some nice smelling soap and cuticle cream.

Don't mind the dull face, I just recovered from H1N1.

The loot I got from LUSH:
Honey I washed the kids (Most raved about on Youtube)
I should coco
Lemon butter cuticle cream
Sex bomb bath bomb (Got it free as I made friends with the counter gal)

It has been an eventful two weeks. However, it is an experience and I am hoping I will have more time to blog and share my thoughts about this new phase in my life and the delights that come with it. Till next time darlings! Have a great day!