Tuesday, May 18, 2010

H&M and some crafts haul!

The weather has been fine just for the past two days. So I took the opportunity to do a little sightseeing and shopping at the city centre at Uppsala. Here are some pictures!

Accessories from H&M.

Beautiful teal coloured earrings. It reminds me of some of my indian jewelry. (cost : 49.50 Kr)

One of my top ten colours, orange. Compliments darker skin tones! (Cost : 49.50 Kr)

Gold coloured bangles, this is also quite indian inspired! I got two sets (Cost 49.50 Kr per set)

I have been thinking about learning how to knit. Thanks to Youtube, I found some really good tutorials! Maybe a scarf for start!
They had some discounts on the yarn. Total cost 167.00Kr

My frist ever embroidery scissors! Beautiful!

This was cool as it indicates what needles to use! I got a pair of knitting needles at size 4.5mm.

Does anyone knows what this means? 
Use Drops Alaska.......

I am so happy to have had some retail therapy. In my next post, I will show you guys some of the fabrics stores available in this part of Sweden! I am so excited that there are such shops around.

Here is a video for my Youtube followers! It's just an update for my absence from the virtual world!

Till next time, enjoy life and appreciate what you have at the moment!

Love Love!


  1. Hi Uma! I just found ur website yestrday and i've alrady visited it 3 times! Hope u settle well in Sweden. I'm a singaporean indian and have been in australia for some time now. Just one tip with the change in weather... use lip balms.. they prevent ur lis from drying and chipping. as for your skin.. Moisturising is the key. Wear a few light layers to keep warm instead of one thick layer. the thin layers trap air and keeps u toasty for longer. Oh and wear shawls.. keeping ur neck warm makes me always feel like i'm next to a heater. It's autumn in australia now so we're JUST heading into winter here(sad to be in the southern hemisphere). I'm sure you'll learn to love it. Start making some Swedish friends who can speak English, trust me, u'll start picking it up faster than u'll know! Hope u're feeling better after ur swine flu thing. god bless :)

  2. Hi Uma!
    I've been watching your video's for over a month now. You are So beautiful and I love all your video's. We are kinda in the same boat because I live with my family in Washington DC and my husband is from Texas. We've been married for 3 yrs now and am done with my schooling here in the DC area so we're moving to TX. I totally understand how you feel. I'm so glad that we can be in touch. Just got myself a google account! Your skin looks awesome in the new recent video. Take care and i'm sure you'll fee at home really soon. God Bless:-)

  3. Hi Uma, I really like the new earrings you got, and the yarn for knitting sounds like fun.

    I watched your video and it so reminded me of me! As you know, I moved from NY to England to be with my English husband, with no friends or family in this country. And I can kind of tell in your eyes and voice the emotions that I've experienced too, excited but also a bit sad. Enthusiastic to learn about your new surroundings, but also a bit afraid of seeming out of place and getting things wrong. So many emotions. All I can say is that it evens out with time, and getting stuck into things right away helps a whole lot. Find some places of refuge like the local library, or tea house, just for breaks when hubby is at work and you don't want to be bored in the apartment.You will be fine, don't go getting depressed now.

    And you never know, I'll say this over and over, you never know if you are going to be living there always, you could be back in Sinapore or the US in two, five, ten years. So enjoy Sweden while you are there now, and take in all that you can. "Bloom where you are planted." All the best, Eve

  4. Hi Uma,
    I noticed that you moved to Sweden. Although we live in Southern California, I have an affinity for Sweden because my husband is originally from Gothenburg and used to work for Volvo there. What a brave and admirable transition that you are going through. You are a gorgeous woman and I adore your charming accent. You also create lovely outfits that I admire in your reviews at Pattern Review. You speak English beautifully. I hope you are welcoming and enjoying the change in Sweden. Last summer (June-July 2009), my husband, daughter and I visited Stockholm for a few days and for the next three weeks his parents in Hogsby, a town that is a several hour drive south of Stockholm. Sweden is a beautiful country and quite a change from our home in San Diego, California. It would have been helpful if I could speak Swedish, because the English of my in-laws is very limited. My husband and I married in 1999 and he has no intention of returning to Sweden, only for vacation.

    You are LUCKY to find two fabric stores where you live. There are NO fabric stores in Hogsby (population 2,000), where my in-laws live and we were able to find ONE in Oskarshamn (an hour drive from their home), where my father-in-law spent his childhood. I was able to write a review when I returned home to Southern California about a Burda 7647 pattern I purchased and a top I sewed on my mother-in-law's sewing machine that she has not used in years. I even wrote about our vacation along with my blog in July 2009.

    I am looking forward to see read and see more of your blogs/video updating how you are doing in Sweden. I also enjoy your beauty/fashion tips. Hopefully all of us will see you in Project Runway and/or on the runway modeling your designs and creations.

    Best wishes,
    Louella aka Heatherrique in PR


  5. lovely earrings Uma....I liked the blue one so much...:)))