Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does this layout work?

Hi everyone,

I received a comment from an anonymous blog follower saying that he/she was not able to view my blog pictures because of the new blog layout. He/she also says that it could be that the problem is isolated in Australia. Is it true?

I would really like to know because if it is a problem with the new blog background/ layout, I will let know about it and change it. I want my followers to have a pleasant time visiting my blog. It means a lot to me!

I really hope you could let me know asap. I would really appreciate that very much!

Anyways, I have not been able to post anything as we are having some problems with the current apartment. It is taking a lot on me mentally as I am new to this country and I do not understand the language. Looks like we might have to look for another apartment soon. So another round of packing and moving. Just can't wait for this period of my life to be over and done with. Just that we have been very unlucky with certain things that are happening in our lives now. Really want it to be over soon!

Till next time, have a wonderful weekend and Father's day!


  1. I can see your photos just fine I am in the US by the way.

  2. Hello, it comes up for me fine. I don't tend to like the black and very dark backgrounds because it seems to take away from the pictures and the text. Almost like the black overwhelms everything. I wonder if others feel the same? Might just be me. I hope that was helpful. Please do whatever creatively works for you!

  3. I can see your pics just fine and love the soft pink and purple background colors. I hate you're having such a headache at your apartment. Hang in there. I'm praying you get the issue resolved soon:)

  4. Hi Uma,
    You're in my prayers tonight, I'm wishing everything to go smoothly now, that you get settled and enjoy your time there in Sweden!

    I'm in England and the site comes up fine for me. I love the brighter colour, I'm thinking of going brighter myself, for the Summer you know. :D

    Hey Mrs Tough, hang in there. Maybe you should move here to Devon down the block from me :D

  5. i can see ur pics aka. Hope things get better for u:)

  6. Hi uma, I'm the anonymous person who posted last night saying i couldnt see the pics from melbourne. I was in singapore recently for a few days and i still couldn't see your photos from there. I loove the new background but the pics still don't show up. The text and the youtube clips turn up's just the pictures. Has anyone else from Australia given u similar feedback? Love the purple by the way! i'll remember 2 sign off this time. hehe:)


  7. It's angie here ( i posted a comment 10mins ago), the pics show up now!! THey don't load when i click on your blog link. I have to right click on the pics one by one and then press "show picture" and then it shows up slowly! YAY! thanks for that! At least i can see ur pics now! And oh, i shd thank u for your NOTD posts awhile ago. i got myself that lovely pink polish (pk108 i think) from the faceshop when i recently went back to SG. you can't beat the price. In melbourne, the choices are limited and it's $4 a bottle :( thanks for sharing your love of faceshop with us!

    Also, i'll pray for u tonight. Looking for jobs/houses and packing are THE most stressing things EVER. Hang in there. Perhaps u could enrolin basic Swedish classes so u can pick up on the more general words to help u get by. don't give up hope and keep praying :)


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  9. Yup, I see the pictures on your page :o) I hope that things go well with you in your new country and that the stress gets resolved soon. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that your transition goes smoothly...because I can imagine how HARD it must be to be in a new place feeling lost and confused :o( stay strong and hang in there!

    Dawn from Florida :o)

  10. Hi Uma,

    I don't have any problems seeing your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Hope things are resolved soon for you in your new place.

    Take care,


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