Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My 1st ever knitted scarf!

I have made a knitted scarf.... Yay! I never really thought I could take up knitting in the first place. It was my move to Sweden that made me decide to start doing something while I was waiting for our items from Singapore. Well, it went like this -> boredom = ideas = spending money = knitted scarf! Hooray! Thanks to Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/cyberseams), I was able to look at some tutorials and learn this relaxing hobby.

Here is my lovely scarf which obviously has flaws but who cares! I shall wear it proudly when it gets cold here in Sweden!

I was figuring out the tension I should use when knitting thus resulting in the obvious flaw!

I have started to work on a scarf for my darling hubby. 

Hopefully I can finish this soon and progress to making a knitted hat/cap.

That's all for now!
Love Love


  1. That's so cute. If that's your first attempt, you have some great winter gear coming soon, I'm sure. :D

  2. That's really, really good for your first try! I'm truly impressed. Wish my first one came out looking as good as yours:-)

  3. Great first attempt. It's funny that you've been knitting because today I was inspired and knitted a sock on my knitting machine to match the one that I made months ago.

  4. You'll be needing some scarves in Sweden - and that one is lovely, it's a beautiful colour!

  5. For your first knitted project you did a great job.