Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Sigma Flat kabuki F80 with video demo

This is by far one of the best face brushes I have ever used. It spreads the foundation smoothly without causing any abrasion to the skin. The bristles are very soft. It is made of synthetic fibre, this means that it picks up lesser product, is easy to clean and slows down bacteria growth compared to a natural bristle brush. I used it to apply primer, foundation, concealer and set the makeup with powder. It was very easy to buff out the products for a flawless finish (well almost LOL).

- Soft on the skin
- Non abrasive (so it's great for sensitive skin)
- Does not absorb too much product
- Can be used as an all purpose face brush (primer, concealer, foundation and even powder)

- The white part of the brush easily gets stained when using a darker colored foundation

I usually don't say this, but here it goes... This is a must have makeup tool if you like using a brush to apply your foundation/concealer, especially liquid or silicone based products.

Here is a video demo featuring the F80 flat kabuki brush.

Products used in the video:

Sigma flat kabuki F80
MUFE HD primer #0
Mac prolong wear foundation NC45 (full pump)
Mac prolong wear concealer NC50 (tiny drop to darken the foundation)
Mac select moisture cover concealer NC44
Camera ready cosmetics yellow tinted loose powder

Have you tried this brush? Do you like it as much as I do?
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for coming by.


  1. Hi Uma ,
    I just ordered f80 sigma brush online along with f82 and f84 as they were on combined deal for $24.
    Thank you and have a blessed day

  2. The MAC 190 was the first foundation brush I used but I started to lose interest in it because I found that the bristles clogged up easily (I wash my brushes every fortnightly) and it wouldnt apply as smoothly after maybe the 3rd or 4th use.

    But the Sigma F80 is wonderful! I got it about 6 weeks ago and contrary to what you said, I find that the foundation (I'm a shade NW35/NC42) doesnt stain the white part and it comes off pretty easily with my usual cleaning method of swirling the bristles around in a soapy concoction.

    For medium coverage, the swirling method works. For fuller coverage, I stipple and the effects are brilliant! It leaves my skin looking (almost) flawless and the makeup goes on evenly and there is no streaking.

  3. I see that you're using the same F80 brush for your foundation as well as powder to set it. Doesn't the residual liquid foundation on the brush stick to the powder? I'm just curious if I can do such a beautiful, flawless foundation like yours with just one brush. :) Thanks.

    1. So it has not left any residue. I make sure that the brush is not wet or damp when I use the powder. Maybe that helps! I am sure you can achieve the same flawless foundation look. Practice makes perfect!