Thursday, November 10, 2011

Viva La Diva Arty nail foils - Is it worth the $$?

I have received so many questions from viewers asking what I used on my nails in the recent "Queen Cleopatra inspired makeup look".
 It was self adhesive foils. It was my first time trying them. To be honest, when I bought them, I knew that they were not really going to last on my nails. However, I wanted to try. So while shopping at my local beauty supply store here in Sweden, I found the Viva La Diva Arty nail foils. I picked up two different designs, one was plain gold metallic foil and the other one was an animal print. 

These self adhesive stickers were pretty easy to apply. Instructions on application was provided on the back of the packaging. 

- Pretty looking nails
- Great for those days when you need a quick fix before heading out for a party or something.
- It was so easy to take them off. Just peel them off the nail slowly. 

- If you have a small nail bed like me, you will have to measure and cut, which can be inconvenient if you are in a hurry or do not have the patience.
- You will have to use a coarse nail file to file of the excess foil which I am not comfortable with.
- After a day or two, the foils start to peel off. (It drove me crazy!)
- Did not like that I had to mildly file the surface of my nail first before applying the foil. 

If you are looking at getting fancy looking nails at the comfort of your home, these self adhesive foils would work. Just be prepared that they don't last as long as a regular nail polish would. Can't expect much from stickers right!?

Have anyone of you tried the nail stickers before? What do you think if them?


  1. You have a new follower and wanted to say, "Hello". I love the concept of the nail adhesives but like yourself not sure if they are worth it. I love the look though. I just bought some that have a lace pattern. I think I'm going to try the course nail file with taking off the edges. Love the color you picked out though. Check me blog out and follow me if you like what you read.