Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cheap Makeup brush, eyeliner and lipliner holders (great for Makeup Artists)

Recently, I was at an arts and supply store at Bras Basah complex (in Singapore). I was looking at some tools to organize my traveling makeup suitcase. I am a free lance makeup artist and need my tools to fit my suitcase.


This is a holder for paint brushes. Well, I don't see why I can't use it for makeup brushes. Makeup and paint brushes are same same but different!

This paint brush holder holds 30 brushes. I have way more then that in my kit. Yes, I know I am a brush addict. I get some brushes for free too so of course it adds up with the ones I buy too.

This holder costs around SGD$12.00. I think it is a good deal as most makeup brush holders are around the same price and hold only half of what this holder can.

I can even make the holder stand with the velcro strips that is attached (see picture below). 

Some brushes are missing as I have yet to clean them. 

Now, for pencil eye liners and lip liners, I found Copic markers holder (SGD$8.00). I was so excited as I have been wanting this holder for a long time for my Copic markers and was not able to get them in Sweden. Bought a few holders not only for my lip/eye liners but also for my Copic markers.

It can be placed like a stand too! Cool right?!

I hope some of you found the above useful if you were thinking of makeup organizers that are inexpensive.

Do you have any organizing tips to share?

Hope you are having a pleasant week.


  1. Very innovative!!!Interesting post and thanks for this tip. Will be doing the same in the future...

  2. I would try to find this..its nice :)

  3. You're lucky to find that girl. I first saw this system at FacesbySarah but still haven't found it.

  4. Hi! First, congrats on your mommyhood :) and hope to see baby pics too!
    Thanks for this post - my eyeliners (of which I have waaaay too many!) are all jumbled up in my Muji drawer; I should get a couple of the Copic holders and arrange them :)
    Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle

  5. Hi,

    May I know where exactly is the place at Bras Basah Complex. The store name and which floor.


    1. Hi dear, I am not sure of the exact address. It's at bras basah complex on the third floor. It's such a big store that you can't really miss it! The store name is Arts friend! Hope this helps! Takashymiya has one as well. Ask the information counter for the address!

  6. Thanks for sharing such an easy tutorial with us. This will make my make up more organized.

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