Sunday, January 8, 2012

Skincare routine plus beauty tips (Singapore & Sweden friendly)

Many have asked how I maintain my skin so I recorded my skincare routine. I use products that are suitable for both Singapore and Swedish climate/weather. Singapore being a hot & humid climate, I usually go for products that are water based as it will not make my skin look too oily. When in Sweden, I have to use products that are slightly richer and moisturizing as it is quite dry here even during summer. Winter is a whole different story as my skin goes into a dry spell dying for moisture and nourishment. Oils seems to work well. I must say that maintaining good skin begins from the inside. Drinking plenty of water, exercising, eating healthy and feeling happy are very crucial in ones life and skin. No beauty product in the world can help if one neglects good health and well being.

Here are the products I use for my face.

THEFACESHOP - Aloe Herb care cleansing foam 

I don't use toner anymore as I feel that it has not done much for my skin. 

Eye cream
Eucerin - AQUAporin active eye cream (great for Singapore weather, not sufficient mositure for winter) 
Akamuti - Evening primerose day cream (great for Swedish winter, used with a light touch around the eyes)
Akamuti - Replenishing rose face cream (great for Swedish winter, used with a light touch around the eyes)
Boots No.7 - Protect & Perfect eye cream (works well for Singapore & Swedish summer, not my favorite product)

Akamuti - Evening primerose day cream (great for Swedish winter)
Akamuti - Replenishing rose face cream (great for Swedish winter)
Eucerin - DemoPURIFER hydrating care for oily and blemish prone skin (great for Singapore and Swedish summer)
LA ROCHE POSAY - Hydraphase Intense Rich moisturizer (great for Singapore and Swedish summer)

Face mask
Divyaa - Young look face mask powder (available in Singapore, can't seem to find other stores that sell online)

Makeup remover
Neutrogena - Deep Clean cleansing oil (seems like this product is only available in asia, this does a pretty decent job at removing makeup, even waterproof makeup)

I have also included some beauty tips so be sure to watch my video.

Youtube Video

Hope this helps, thanks for coming by.



  1. Happy new year dear,great post thanks for sharing ur routine x

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