Thursday, January 3, 2013

Simple makeup for beginners tutorial (Plain Jane to Pretty Jane transformation)

When it comes to makeup, I am a strong believer in 'less is more'! Transform a plain Jane to a pretty Jane without heavy and cakey makeup. This is a beginner level makeup tutorial. I am sure anyone can achieve this as I have made sure to use minimal products. Use whatever you have in your makeup collection to replace the products I used. No need to use exactly what I used.

Products used:-

Mufe - HD Primer #0
Nars - Sheer glow foundation in Cadiz
Ben Nye - Banana luxury powder

Senna Cosmetics - Brow duo shaper in Ebony
Urban Decay - Primer potion
Sugarpill - Bulletproof e/s
Cinema Secrets - Eyeliner sealer
Senna Cosmetics - Voluptulash Mascara
No brand - Lashes that I cut into half

Milani Cosmetics - Luminoso blush

Doleur - Rose Brown lipliner
Occ - Royalpenny liptar

Thanks for coming by. Happy New Year!


  1. that's super stunning and so beautiful!

  2. Happy New Year's Lady! I had to look very hard to tell the difference between your before and after picture. You're just that pretty, with or without makeup. BTW, gorgeous family photo;)

  3. So beautiful!

    Do you love the NARS foundation? I have combination dry/oily skin and can't seem to find a foundation in the drugstore that doesn't either make me super oily or go all dry/patchy. :-(