Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tkb Trading haul & review and other rambles!

I have been gone a while, I was not too well in body & spirit and busy drawing for my fashion illustration course. It's freaking cold here in Sweden. OMG, I want to go back to Sunny Land now! (That's how I feel but I know it's irrational to think like that!) I have a life here and a wonderful man to be with. That keeps me going even during the cold and grey times (LOL).

Anyways, I bought some stuff from Tkb trading. For those of you who do not know this company, you can look them up here. I bought some stuff from them to make my own eyeshadows/ blush, etc... This way I know what I put it my makeup and I can do my own quality control. This is also in conjunction to my home-based makeup business as I will need a variety of colours for my clients. I provide personal makeup services. Advertisements will be out soon here in Uppsala. I used to do this back in Singapore by going to my client's home. Here I can't do that just yet as I do not own a car and still am very unfamiliar with this terrain. I already have one client whom I will be doing a makeover in Nov. So I am excited. Many more to come (I hope)!

Here is a video, talking about the things I got and how I felt about the company and their services. I didn't talk about the prices in the video because you can find that out when you browse their website. 

My overall view and grading of this company and the whole experience:

TKB trading customer service : 4/5

Product packaging : 4.5/5

Item delivery: 3/5 
( I will not blame the company as most of the times the delay is with the customs of the countries)

Product quality : No comments yet as I have yet to use them. Will do a review of the products later.

Overall experience : 4/5

Keep up the good work TKB trading!

Thanks for coming my blog my lovelies!


  1. Hi dear,its great to hear from u,Dont even start abt e weather lol over here its becoming colder&e temps r dropping by day,they expecting a white winter hehe.. feel like going on vacation nw Anyhoo making ur own eyeshadows&blush sounds interesting cant wait to see what u come up cre

  2. Congratulations on your new home based business!! That sounds so great, you go Girl!

    That's so cool if you make your own makeup products!. Hey, maybe even give it your own name and go public with them! Big things for your future! :D

  3. Your new venture sounds exciting... Congrats!!! and looking forward to your products. You have really inspired me and I recently purchased a large eye shadow tray and experimenting with the array of colors that I would have shied away from in the past.