Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skin care routine

Another subscribers request on my skin care routine. I have changed my routine since moving to Sweden. I am not able to get the same products I used to use in Singapore so finding alternative was the only solution (in fact they are inexpensive alternatives).

No products in the world can help with problematic skin. Most importantly, having good skin involves good habits and lifestyle. I can't say the same for really problematic skin then I suggest you start seeing a Dermatologist. 

I do not smoke nor drink and I am not into oily / junk food (sometimes it's ok to have some). I try to drink plenty of water and eat fruits on a daily basis. Exercise is a good way to expel toxins from the body too. I try to do masks at least once a week (twice a week is best). Never sleep with makeup on! That's a big no-no! I wash my face twice a day (sometimes I do get lazy). Somedays I let my skin breathe and that means I don't wear any make up. 

Lastly, think good thoughts and smile as much as you can. This is my secret to looking 22 when I am actually 29 (well, that's what I hear with many people who meet me for the 1st time and do not know my real age!) . 

Here are the products I use daily.

Cleanser : Faceshop cranberry face wash (I stocked up when in Singapore as I can't get it in Sweden)
Toner : Lumene Matt touch balancing toner for oily/combination skin (You can get it in Sweden's beauty stores eg, KICKS. It is a skincare product from Finland)
Eye cream : Biotherm age fitness power 2 ( This has lasted me for the past 5months. A little under the eye is all you need.)
Moisturizer : L300 Anti age day cream ( This is a swedish skincare line. Available at any drugstores in Sweden)
Lips moisturizer : Klover vasaline (Any brand vasaline will work)
Sunscreen/Sunblock : Eucerin SPF 50+ sun fluid mattifying face (Good alternative to Neutrogena Ultra sheer sunblock)

Hope you find this useful!

Till next time, think happy thoughts!


  1. very helpful & good tips! I'm really bad about eating junk food tho... ^.^

  2. Uma,this was very interesting to read...great tips..thanks for sharing

  3. You do have pretty & clear skin, I'm going to take your word on all of this. :D

    I notice when I rub in olive oil on my skin at night my face looks great for two days after. I don't drink enough water, and I know I should.

    Thanks for these tips :D
    Have a great week ahead!
    I LOVE the New Header!!!

  4. yay! U r back on! Like finally! I'm sure u r settling down so well now!

    Did the weather there makes ur skin better as compare to sg's weather.

  5. This sounds really good that you do exercise regularly. I started doing from 2015, yoga classes. I feel really good, refreshing and energetic. This helped me to be more active. I love to buy necessary yoga supplies to keep myself more organized and well managed.