Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things to remember and do when you move overseas!

Hi my lovelies,

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am moving to Sweden. As you may have read on my earlier post, I was not very happy with it. After some soul searching and long talks with my husband, I am cool with the fact that we are moving now.

Now that the emotional tension has subsided, the administration/paperwork needed for this move has to looked into. So I thought maybe I should share it and it may come in handy for anyone who is moving/ relocating.

What I am about to share is based on my experience and applies to the Singaporean government regulations. It may vary depending on other countries.

So here is goes,

Personal matters
1) Contact the embassy of the country that you are intending to move and check with them the legal process of getting a visa. Usually you will have one in your country of residence. Since I am married to a Swedish man, I can apply for a long term visa. This does not come easy, you have to contact them at least 3 months in advance and there is a need for an interview by the Embassy staff who will evaluate if this marriage or relationship is legitimate. (Now we don't want mail to order bides in Sweden right?!)

2) Change you identification card/ passport details by including your husband's or his family name. This can be done in your local immigration office. This is needed as it helps when you travel. The immigration officers will understand that you are married and it will reduce complications.

3) Now that your name is updated, make sure to inform all government agencies. In Singapore, these are some of the agencies that need your update eg, CPF board, MDA, Land & transport authorities. These are the few non governmental agencies that need your update too eg, banks, insurance companies,etc.

4) If you are taking up course like I do, make sure the school knows about your name change so that the certificate will reflect the new name.

House moving/ relocation
5) Remember to eat all the food that you have stocked up. This way you will not feel guilty when the time comes to move and the need to throw them away arises!

6) Make sure not to buy things for the house as you may want to keep that for the future apartment.

7) If you have loads of makeup (like me!), start thinking of giving it away or blog selling or disposing them if they are going to expire. Make up will not withstand the container shipment because of the humidity and temperature change.

8) If you have super huge wardrobe (like me!), start clearing them out. You will no longer need the clothes you used to wear in the new country because of the change in temperature and fashion. If you insist, make sure to bring clothes that look good, no torn t-shirts and shorts please.

9) Put all the delicate clothing such as sarees, wedding gown, suits and evening gowns in garment bags and pack them in a plastic box. Make sure to put some mothballs. This was advised by the moving company.

10) If you have a sewing. hobby room (like me!), make sure to sort your things in order so that you can account for them when the moving company asks. Also take this time to clear out clutter.

11) Since I have an industrial sewing machine at home, I will have to de-oil the machine and ensure that the movers pack it nicely for the shipment. (It's my precious!)

12) It would be good if you can have a garage sale and sell all your things that are serviceable and things that you are not bringing to the new place. This way, you can raise some fund for the new apartment. It will be fun to redecorate with new things!

13) Lastly, make sure to meet your family and friends. Settle all unresolved matters and enjoy their company. You will never know when you will be able to see them again. Life is unpredictable some times.

14) Make sure your other half helps you get through this.

Well, I think I have said enough. I hope this post will be useful for those who are or will be in the same situation as me.

That's all for now. Hopefully I will be able to blog more when this (positive) chaos is over in my life.

Have a wonderful day my lovelies!


  1. great post! God Bless as you move love. I'm sure it'll be great!!!

  2. Wonderful post. A lot of the things I've had to do moving from the US to UK.

    Something I didn't know was to not get rid of soooo many things. Even if I found them useless personally I could always sell them on ebay.co.uk and make double what I paid for it. :) So I'm thinking maybe a bag full of makeup would sell pretty well in Sweden.

    And oh yeah, stack up on food that you really love that's nonperishable. And beads that might be cheaper in Singapore. :D Have a great move.

  3. is sooooo sad that u r leaving!!!

    I hope for the best! nothing but the best for u sweetheart.

  4. Big change but sounds exciting. My hubby and I having been playing with the idea of moving from the US to Canada but that's not as big as your move. We would probably get rid of everything and start fresh just as long as I have my 2 dogs and hubby, I think all will work out. I agree with Eve about the fav food items but you can always have those shipped to you by family and friends. Good luck in Sweden.