Friday, February 26, 2010

New Macbook and why no update lately!

I finally got a macbook. I love it. It seems to be some much more fun to use compared to my HP laptop. Thanks to the hubby for getting this for me!

So here is the reason for my absence from youtube and blogging. Hubby and I are moving to Sweden end April. He got a job at a University there. I am happy that my hubby got a good job and that we will be closer to his family. He has spent 3 good years in Singapore. We met, got married and now we are going to move to his home country. How cool is that?

Somehow even though it sounds cool, I am still not feeling all that happy. It's mixed feelings for me as I have never spent much time out of Singapore other then travels for leisure and work. I have no idea how I am going to handle the weather and seasons as I am used to only two seasons, rainy and sunny seasons.

The other thing that is bothering me much is the language. How am I going to understand Swedish. Everyone will start telling me that I have to learn Swedish. I am going to be like ' Why should I learn Swedish, can't I speak English?' Swedish can be a very difficult language to learn and if I do not have love for a language why put in so much effort to learn? I am not being rude here. Just pouring out my worsts fears.

The thought that I have to leave my Singaporean life, family and friends gives me a heart ache. I know my family understands. I am going to miss them very much. I will miss my best friend very much. It's going to be tough when you are in a foreign country starting all over again.

Thank God for a good hubby, he promised to give me the moral support I will need for this transition. I know he will as he has always kept his word no matter what.

Now we are looking for a place to stay in Sweden and it is not going all that well as we are here in Singapore. Luckily, my In laws are helping with the search for an apartment. I hope we know where we will stay soon.

So as you can see, there is a lot going on in my life now. We are trying to handle one thing at a time so as to not get overwhelmed by the whole moving process. I will come back with videos, reviews and blog posts, it's just that I have so much on my hands now that needs more attention.

I hope you will still be here when I am back. Thanks for coming by to read my post.

Love Love!


  1. How exciting! It's a big change, so respect that you're going to feel odd. Learn the culture and yes, speak the language girlfriend! How cool to be tri-lingual. Give yourself time to adjust, it'll come. Just think, hubby loves you enough to share you with his family and homeland.

  2. omg how overwhelming! that must be a very hard transition, i can only imagine..but you are a strong woman, you'll get through it! And especially with your hubby supporting you, im sure you'll do fine! Good luck! :)

  3. Congrats to your hubby. It's great that he is supportive of your feelings about moving. You will be fine and your blog is great so everyone will still be here I'm sure. I will~be blessed!

  4. What a wonderful adventure ahead of you.

  5. I went through the same thing moving to the UK when I married my hubby, can't say I don't miss the States but I love him more than any country, and my heart is wherever his is. You don't know where God is going to move you, maybe back to Singapore in 2 or 5 years- or someplace else. You will be fine, just consider this move another adventure in life.

  6. Oh I feel for you. My husband left his country to live with me in America and I know his adjustment has not been easy. He gave up everything he has known to be with me and making new friends has not been easy. I know eventually we will need to move back to his country. You seem like a very sweet person I think that you will be alright.

    PS-I feel you about the weather. Its COLD there girl.

  7. I know moving around to new environments can be pretty tough but it's good your husband is such a big support for you. Sweden is pretty far from Singapore. I had the opportunity to visit a few years back (I had a friend there) and yeah the climate is really different then what you're accustomed to. But I know you will embrace the joys of the new adventure you're about to embark on. I wish you well and of course we'll be here whenever you want to check in:)

  8. omg u r leaving!!! Can we meet at least ONCE before u gooooo???? please please please???

  9. I am a total MAC user! You are going to love it especially when it does not crash like others!

  10. Hi Uma,
    I read about your unfortunate and sad experience with that Eve Pearl and posted my comments on Beauty Broadcast last night.
    My mother is Swedish so I am half Swedish. I love Sweden and wish I could live there (sometimes). I have been there several times (I was born in Stockholm and I am 90% fluent in Swedish). I sympathize with you about learning Swedish, but you will soon learn it well. There are many, many foreigners who live in Sweden and have picked up the language easily. Here is my comment on BB:
    "Uma, I think that this company, Eve Pearl, is disgraceful and not only treated you unfairly, but very disrespectfully. I was really shocked at the e-mail that you read on your site from Eve Pearl herself. You are entitlled to a complete apology PLUS a total refund plus get your entire order mailed back to you in perfect, pristine shape. This is just not cool what happened to you. I am very sorry for your terrible experience and hope that Eve Pearl will come to her senses and make it right with you!!! Shame on this cosmetics firm."
    God Jul och Gott Nyt Ar! Brigida