Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can you take the heat?

My husband loves spicy food. I can never match eating the level of  chilly spiciness as he can. In fact it was he who showed me the wonderful taste of habanero chilly. If you have read my blog posts of recipes ( here & here). You can see that I use a lot of chillies in my cooking. It's like we are addicted to spicy food. 

When we came to Sweden, we came to know that there is a online store here (I do not have the web address now, will update later) which sells spicy chips,nuts and sauces. It's Blair's sauces and snacks. (this is the head office in USA). They have many varieties of chips, nuts and sauces that have different level of spiciness (My mouth is watering as I type this post!). You have to try it if you love spicy food/snacks. 

So these were what we bought and guess what, we have tried it all in a couple of days (greedy kids as my mum would say!).

The goodies!

Look who's smiling! He is one happy camper!

From now on, I will replace using paprika powder with habanero powder instead! 

So, tell me... Can you take the heat?
Do you guys like spicy food?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I LOVE spicy food as well! My husband doesn't even like a hint of it. It's funny because he would get so upset with me eating spicy food when I was pregnant, and all of my children love spicy. They will eat spicy chips with a glass of milk or juice next to them. I'm not sure I could handle the habarnero chips though! LOL

  2. I love spicy and chilli food but my hubs doesnt like it at all but once in a while I can convince him to eat chilli&spicy lol but I always keep sweet fruit juice next to me

  3. I have no tolerance for spicy food whatsoever but my Hubby does. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum and like sour food. Hope you guys enjoy your snacks:)

  4. I love spicy food! My house mate always has a tissue in one hand and a bottle of water in the other when she eats my dishes!

  5. I'm just now starting to like spicey food. But I'm more for the milder types. My husband can deal with the hotter stuff quite well.

    Those are funny names for your products, I like the "Death Rain..." soo funny. Enjoy!