Friday, September 10, 2010

Product review: Ben Nye Fantasy wheel

This post is for my makeup loving followers. I have used Ben Nye fantasy wheel on my clients back in Singapore. The reason being, I wanted something that had many colours and was in one pot/package. It's much better then bringing many paint pots by Mac. I really feel that it is a good product for makeup artists. Very versatile in terms of how you can use it on the face. There are many ways to use this product. It can be used as a eye base colour, cheek highlight, lip highlight and for face painting too. 

This is my review after trying it out on many clients and myself. See below for pros and cons of this product.

FW-5 Diamond ice
FW-9 Copper
FW-1 Gold Dust
FW-3 Silver Satin
FW-11 Bronze
FW-7 Ruby Luster (centre)

Picture without flash

With flash

- Many colours in one pot/container. Great for makeup beginner and makeup artists. 
- Quite inexpensive. (It's about US$16.00-US$19.00 . Comparing to a Mac paint pot this is far more a better priced product)
- Can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips.
- Does not have any weird smell.
- It lasts a long time. I have used it on many clients and it's still as new.
- Can be applied by a brush or finger.

- You have to put a primer on before applying this as an eye base. It will crease if you don't.
- Packaging is very basic and plasticy. (It's not that bad if you are not particular about packaging)
- No matte colour, only shimmery ones (This product is not for you if you don't like shimmers)

As you can see, I have more pros than cons. A good product which is pocket friendly. I am always on a lookout for that!

You can get it at the following online stores. 

Online stores (I got mine here)

Hope you like this review and give this product a try! 


  1. great post hun,thanx for sharing would love to check it out

  2. Really nice colours there, I only play around with make-up so the blue would be really fun for me.