Thursday, September 2, 2010

Organizing tip for Zips/Zippers

While working on McCall 5703 jumper dress, I remembered that the pattern needed a 20 inch conceal zipper. So I went to my box of zippers and tried looking for it. It was a mess and I had to measure all the zippers I had just to look for the 20 inch zip. Has this ever happened to you?

So I decided that since I was measuring almost all the zippers why not organize them according to their size and type (conceal or normal zip). So here is what I did. 

-> Took measurement of all the zips.
-> Places them in zip lock bags.
-> Labelled them accordingly by size and type.
-> Put all the bags in a plastic box (which can be stored away).

Now they are all organized and easy to pick out when needed. Took me 30 minutes to get this organized. How do you guys organize your zippers?

Happy sewing!

 (PS: Finished sewing McCall 5703, will post pictures soon of the end result)


  1. Nice System! It's good you keep so many zippers on hand. I usually buy them per project but that's more expensive. It's cheaper to buy in bulk. I will have to do and try your system (wink)!

  2. You are so organized, heheee. Great idea. I'm like Victoria, I purchase zips as needed.

    Right now I'm trying to organize my threads because you saw what a scramble they were in. Wish me well :D