Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little about me!

On my youtube channel, I have had so many questions asked about me. So I thought of making a video of it. So here it is. I picked out questions I felt was the only ones I was comfortable answering. You know, there are many nosey people who want to know everything about you. I am a person who respects other people's privacy and I expect the same for me. So only a few questions about me, my makeup and fashion passions were answered! 

Thanks for watching!

Love Love


  1. Oh, this was nice Uma, it's nice getting to know you better.

    I agree with being comfortable with what you share to the public, not dissrespecting your readers, but a lot of blog readers don't make themselves known. We all have boundaries, or we all should, hahahaa.

    Really like your hair colour :D

  2. how very nice for u to share this with us,thank u Anywho I gave u an award pliz cum chck it out

  3. Thanks! Nice getting to know you.:)