Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sewing project : Mccall 5703

As many of you might know, I come from sunny land Singapore. We have only two seasons and that is the rainy season and the dry warm season. I am very used to sleeveless tops, shorts, short dresses and jeans. I feel weird having to cover up with clothes. However after moving to Sweden, I realized that wearing proper clothing is crucial to keeping warm. Also since I want to be in the fashion world, it's time I buckle up and try start planning my wardrobe.

So I thought this pattern would make a nice jumper dress for the fall season. I like that you can dress it up with a pair of black boots, turtle-neck top and leggings. However, it can make you look pregnant. So I suggest using a belt for the waist. At least with my creation, I will have to use a belt. I do not want to look pregnant! At least not yet! :) I don't think McCall's carry this pattern anymore!

I didn't take a picture of me in it as I have yet to buy a pair of black boots. I will post the pictures of me dressed in this jumper dress when my outfit is complete.



Till next time, have a great sunday!

More sewing projects to come!

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  1. Cute looking jumper - I love the plaid!

  2. This is so pretty! I love this top, I so want this for myself.

    Shoot, looking pregnant for me would be a step up! I will try to find this pattern in my size to hide my tummy rolls :D hahaaa

    I would love to see you rock this with some boots :D

  3. Thejumper came out really nice.

  4. Lovely, it looks beautiful, please lets see the total package once you have all you need.....have a great week

  5. cute dress. can't wait to see it with the boots.

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