Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sewing project : McCall 8524

Yes, I made a pajama pants for Mr Hubby! The best part is that he loves it! So this project was worth the effort. I really like this pattern because there are many styles options. It took me two hours to cut and sew this pants pattern. I am definitely making another pant if I find good fabric. For this project I used poly cotton plaid fabric. The good thing with this fabric is that there is no need to iron as it doesn't get wrinkly. Also it has a nice drape, much like MC hammers pants, for those who knows who that is! 

I would definitely recommend this pattern to ladies/gents who want to sew something for their partners. A very easy project that has clear instructions. I can't seem to find this pattern on McCall's website anymore. So good luck finding this pattern on ebay (maybe).




Next project : I am going to work on a pattern that I have been putting on hold because of my fear of knits! I really hope I can make this work! I will reveal what that is when I sew it up!

Happy sewing!


  1. Wow, your sewing is def getting better!

  2. Lucky hubby - they're great looking pajama pants!

  3. I know he's loving them. They look sooooo comfy! I like the plaid too, it somewhat reminds me of Great Britain!

  4. e pyjamas look great dear..great job u did

  5. They look nice and comfy. Lucky hubby. i like the fabric they look kind of madras checks.

  6. Great pants! That fabric was a great choice, and it came out really really well.

    oh snap, I have a mans pyjama pattern too and some fabric for making my hubby a top and bottom set. It has to take a number because I have other crafts to come first. heheee