Saturday, December 4, 2010

Handmade fabric flowers

Now that my Fashion Illustration course is over, I can finally do some handicraft and some sewing. For a start I made some fabric flowers. Maybe these might be given away as part of my blog giveaway for my sewing/handicraft loving ladies. 

Here are some pictures of my handiwork. I think I will be making more this weekend. When I get inspired to so something, I can get so engrossed in it.

These can be worn as a hair accessory or as a broach.

Do you guys know of any online tutorials on handmade fabric flowers? Please feel free to share!

Anyway on a side note, it is snowing and cold here in Sweden.
Here is a picture of Uppsala and the snow!

Thanks for coming by my lovelies!

Have a pleasant weekend.


  1. I love fabric flower&I tend to collect them in different colours I use them when I hav my HH extensions. Cant wait2see ur work Its freezing over the UK as well snow chaos lol have a lovely weekend dear&take care

  2. Those flower corsages are pretty! I love them on blazers. :) We've got snow here in the UK, today it turned into ice, I slipped a few times as well, boo! xx

  3. I for one heart the fabric flowers..its nice way to use of scraps after finishing a project and its also matchy match as per my DD.

  4. Beautiful flowers. What a pretty idea to add a splash of color.

  5. Really pretty flowers, my fav is the white one. They all would look lovely in the hair.

    Oooh, that snow looks so pretty.

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