Friday, December 10, 2010

In London again!

Here I am at the hotel blogging about my wonderful day at Westfield shopping centre! Yes, I am in London again. Reason for being here, well it's a perk that comes with being married to a Senior lecturer (assistant professor). While he is on a work conference, I have a blast touring the city! hahaha! (Sorry darling hubby, you spoil me too much! Love you!)

Anyway my lovely readers, I am also very excited to be here because I am going to meet some Youtube and blog friends. For the first time, I am going to meet them face to face. Hopefully with their permission, I will be able to post some pictures of our meet up session. It's going to be fun. I miss socializing as It has been quite difficult for me in Sweden. Not that the people there are unfriendly, it's just that I find it difficult to break the language barrier. I tried learning Swedish but I didn't want to continue for reasons that I think I will keep to myself. Anyway, this is something I am trying to work on as I am having a home based business and it would be good if I know some Swedish. With all said, I am truly blessed and thankful that I am living a life that many could only imagine. 

Now that I am here in London, I feel so at home. Everything is so familiar. I feel like I kind of belong here. It's so nice to see that everything is in English. It reminds me of my home country but a slightly older version (Singapore is a young nation). There was a very nice old lady who helped us get a taxi when she saw that we were quite lost. God bless her!

 Maybe who knows, my next chapter of my life will be in London. I can only visualize and aim for it. Only time will tell.

Back to my day here today, we checked in and went straight to Westfield shopping centre. OMG, it totally reminds me of Vivo city (Singapore). Huge shopping centre with awesome shops to shop till you drop. I had a blast window shopping with Mr Hubby. 

Tomorrow, I am heading to a huge art supply store called 'London graphics' at Covent garden. I need to stock up on sketchbooks and art supply since I can't get some things in Sweden. 

Hopefully, I can share my art haul with you guys if time permits. 

Here is a picture we took when we were browsing Ted Barkers store. It's Santa trying to show some skin. Eeewwww! We could see hair on his legs!

Thanks for coming by.

Big hugs & see ya later!


  1. Glad u having a nice time in London,hope u enjoy ur stay dear. Westfield I was just there the other day,I love it. hav fun meeting ur blogger&youtube friends. Take care

  2. Hi Uma!!
    Santa looks a hot mess! :D

    That's so cool that you are in London again, I would LOVE to meet you!! Sign me up! :D heheehee

  3. I was in Westfields twice last week and ended up spending loads of money on makeup and hair products. Since you like Make-up, visit PAM nr Goldhawk Rd tube station in Shepherds Bush. And when you're in Covent Gardens, pop into Charles Fox and Screenface too. The Art shop you're thinking of going to is awesome!! Enjoy your stay and feel free to get in touch if you need help.