Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Foundation collection + Favourites (oily combination skin)

Here is a video showing you guys my foundation collection. This has been highly requested by many viewers who are similar to my skin tone.  I used to have so much more as I was a freelance makeup artist. Since I have moved and am starting my fashion studies soon, I don't think I will have the time to do makeup on others other then to share my tips and tricks via Youtube. At least someone (subscribers) will learn from the knowledge I gained through the years. Sharing is caring! 

List of foundations that I have mentioned in the video.
  1. Make Up For Ever HD foundation # 173 (Click HERE for review & swatches)
  2. NARS Sheer Glow foundation Cadiz 
  3. Mac Pro Long wear foundation NC45 (Click HERE for review & swatches)
  4. Kryolan TV stick foundation FS 41 & FS 27 (Click HERE for review & swatches)
  5. Graftobian Glamour creme Winter Wheat & Desert Sand  
  6. Graftobian Glamour creme Super palette Warm (Great palette for makeup artists)
  7. Bare Minerals foundation Warm Tan
  8. SheerCover Mineral makeup Almond & Mocha
  9. Mac Studio fix powder foundation NC 45

Other foundations that I have used but are not featured in the video.
  1. Max Factor smooth effect foundation Caramel (Click HERE for review & swatches)
  2. Senna Barely Base Sheer mineral makeup SPF20 in Dark (Click HERE for review & swatches)
  3. Luminess Air Brush makeup (Click HERE for review & swatches)
Hope this helps!


  1. Great post, for some reason my Nar's foundation has oxidized and I have not clue what to do with it now, do I throw it out?

  2. Great post..really useful,superlike..:)

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  4. Can you please do a tutorial on the makeup you're wearing in this video? I LOVE the grey eyes, would love to see how to do it! Your face is flawless in this video!

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