Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sewing project : Mccall 5813

I have been sewing quite a lot lately. This is one of the projects I am working on. Got all hyped up after the disastrous cardigan project. Been reading a lot on pattern drafting and proper sewing techniques! Sometimes failed projects are good, they make you learn from mistakes and improve the next time!

Anyway, this is one of the pattern I worked on McCall's 5813.

My version of view A


(ok it looks like I am pregnant! Well I am NOT! I have having a bad bloated tummy that day!)

(See how shapeless this pattern is!)

This is a great beginner's pattern. It took me a 2 hours to complete this (that's including surfing and daydreaming while doing this project).

Just keep in mind of the sizing. If you have 25'' waist and 37'' hip, make sure to do the necessary alteration between the XSM and MED for a better fit. 

Fabric chose plays a part too. Maybe it will work better with a lightly stretchy fabric! This is just a thought!

You can check out PR for a better review of this pattern!

Till next time, keep those sewing machines humming!


  1. Hey Uma,love ur sewing projects I very much love the pattern&colour of this one...Its beautiful..I like it..thanx for sharing hun

  2. Great looking pants - especially for only a couple of hours work! I love that beautiful fabric, it makes the pants look really special.

  3. Cute, love that fabric. And yes, mistakes, the greatest way to learn.

  4. Love your sewing projects! Yeah sometimes patterns don't turn out so great... I have only successfully made a dress ONCE and my sister thinks it is ugly... boo!! It was a vintage vogue one though so maybe the style is not as appealing to current generations anymore.

  5. I agree, this fabric is so pretty! I'm loving these pants!!

    Don't tell you know who, but I'm making him some pyjama bottoms for Christmas that I think should be as easy as these pants were to make :D Though I might have to beg for help because I've never made pants before :D hehee

  6. Very creative, love those pants.