Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Bdellium tools anti-bacterial makeup brushes

I was provided the 7pc studio line brushes for review purposes. I must say I am very happy to have tried them out. I am always very picky and choosy when it comes to makeup, makeup brushes or even anything that I put on my face. I must say these brushes performed better than I expected.

7pc studio line brushes

This is their website : Bdellium tools

Here is a break down of what I think about them.

1) My 1st impression of the brushes - I wasn't convinced that the Bdellium brushes were anything special, it was only after using them that I realized I was wrong. The yellow colour of the handles is quite refreshing as my other brushes are either in black or brown.

2) What are the names of the brushes and their uses -

#964S AP Blusher - Powder blush application and it can be used to dust on face powder as well.

#948S Foundation - Liquid and cream foundation, concealer as it has a tapered tip and can be used to apply cream blush too.

#942S Slanted Contour - This is my favorite brush of the entire set because finally I can place the contour colour where I want it to be. This brush can also double up as a blusher brush.

#785S Tapered Blending - A good blending brush. Can be used on the crease and to apply highlight shade. It can also be used to apply concealer for an air-brush effect.

#777S Shadow - This brush handles powder/loose eyeshadows very well as its bristles are dense. It has a slight point on the tip so it can also be used to apply a crease colour.

#763S Small Angle - A good brush for powder or gel eyebrow colour. However, in my opinion I don't think I would use it for eye-lining as the bristles are too thick for fine lining. 

#540S Precision Liner - Lip stick brush which aides precision lining. I also found it useful for blemish concealing or in other words spot concealing. 

3) My impressions after deep cleaning the brushes - These brushes did not shed, bleed or even loose their shape. I was quite surprised by that actually, because almost 95% of the brushes I own (both high end & low end) have had shedding and bleeding problems. I have washed them 3 times now and they are still as new.

4) Anti-bacterial for sure? - I am not sure that I can endorse this claim as I do not have any means of checking it. However I feel that no company would risk their reputation with claiming that their brushes are coated with anti-bacterial technology if this is not the case. I will take their word for it. 

5) Any of the brushes I didn't like that very much? - I didn't really enjoy using the #763S Small Angle  as it was quite a thick brush for eye-lining purposes but I used it for my eyebrows and it worked fine.

6) My final verdict - If you are looking for brushes that has all the needed tools for makeup application. I think this brush set is the one for you. Very versatile and yet pocket friendly. I believe these brushes are far less expensive than the Sigma brush sets. I do own Sigma brushes btw.

Disclaimer : Just because I got this brush set for free does not mean that I give a sugar coated opinion. I believe that my time and effort is precious and if an item does not work, why make a video and blog post. My time is precious and I also do not want to mislead anyone.


  1. great review hun,will defo check them out dear.hav a great wknd&tk cre

  2. I know you wouldn't say you like something if you really didn't.

    These brushes sound really cool, I could use some myself. I'll check out their website right now.