Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tutorial : DIY throw pillow case (great for beginners)

Finally, I made this video from my fellow crafty sisters/brothers! I love redecorating my home. Never really like to spend money on things that can be made. All you need is some spare time and the motivation to do it. I used old sarees I had in my stash for years. 

I had a hard time trying to make the drafting part as easy as possible & understandable. This is the best I could do for now.

Things/tools needed for this project:
- Sketchpad / paper
- pencil and eraser
- scissors/rotary cutter
- ruler
- fabric pen /chalk
- measuring tape
- Fabric (you can use old t-shirts too! Be creative!)
- Pillows
- sewing machine (you can hand sew too!)
- sewing pins
- iron (I like to iron my projects after stitching, however this is optional)


Measurements based on the throw pillow I had. Please do necessary changes based on your throw pillows!

Here is a tutorial explaining the construction part!

My creations!

Hope you guys find it useful and make one yourself soon!

Till next time... 


  1. great tips! they came out great. I'll have to try this.

    Love the blog! I'm a new follower, YAY. Please check out my blog as well (hope you follow back)

  2. thank u for the awesome tips sweetie!!! I also suffer from neck ache, probably this will help! THANKS~!

  3. Great tutorial,

    I still have this project on my 'to do' list.

    I like your work space, really nice!

  4. I'm on the lookout for a new pillow. This one sounds great.

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  5. I have two pillows I need to cover, this looks super easy so I just might be able to do it!

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