Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sewing project : Mccall 5978

Finally got my garment sewing mojo back. However, it didn't turn out that very well. Before moving to Sweden, about 4 months ago, I cut Mccall 5978 view A. I wanted to sew it when I got a good coverstitch/overlock machine.  This pattern became one of my UFO (unfinished objects/patterns) for a while. Now that I have a coverstitch and overlock machine, there was no excuse not to finish this project. So today, I thought why not finish this garment and start sewing other garments for the coming autumn and winter. 

Since I was working with light weight cotton jersey, I used small zig-zag stitch on my Janome MC 6600. I was so excited to see how the machine handled the fabric and I thought this cardigan would be a winner after completion. Well, it didn't turn out that way.

I followed the pattern instructions and there was one part where I had to fuse interfacing on the facing of the cardigan. Something was telling me that that was not going to be a good thing to do. This was a stretch fabric and how would a normal facing help with the stretch? Well, it didn't. I had puckering on the neckline. I thought maybe ironing it would help flatten the puckering neckline. Unfortunately it didn't either. I really need more practice on knit fabrics. This is my second failed attempt on knits. Just don't want to give up!

Anyway, I still went ahead and sewed everything up only to find out that the garment did not fit me. I was not a XS/S. This reminded me of what Sandra Betzina said in her book 'Fast fit' that ''pattern size has no relation to your ready-to-wear size, so don't try to compare them''. I am a XS/S in ready-to-wear garments. I just have to be more realistic next time. 

Oh well, it was a learning experience. I will give this pattern another try for sure but not so soon! I guess for now I will stick to patterns that require woven fabric instead. 

Pattern pinned ready to sew!

Machine set to tiny zig-zag stitch, followed the guide from Sandra Betzina book ' More fabric savvy'.

The finished garment!

See the puckering neckline! I hate it! arrgh.....

I shall not beat myself too much over this project. Many more successful sewing to come!

If anyone has any advise on how to avoid disasters like this would be of great help. I have plenty of pretty knits and I really do not want to waste fabric like this. 

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Till next time, happy sewing!


  1. dont worry be happy hun...more beautiful n succesful sewing to come...nwae thank u for supporting my blog...really apreciate it all

  2. Ah, the UFO, :D

    I'm sorry Uma. I see why you left the pictures for last :D

    I don't have a lick of advice how to avoid the puckering, but I think you can save that jersy by adding fabric flowers around the neckline, or even a boarder cuff seam hemmie thing- you know what I mean :D

    So when purchasing patterns you should alway purchase a bigger size? Is this jersy too small or too tight? Very interesting. It still looks pretty though. Nice machine!

  3. Interesting delimma! I've made this cardigan with sweater knit, so I didn't have this issue. It may be the natural 'roll' of the fabric when pulled...does it curl? Has it been steamed/pressed yet? I'd blame it on the fabric! If you try this again, I would suggest a more stable knit. Great color for you!

  4. Hey Lady,
    Don't give up on sewing the knits just yet! Your cardigan came together and sorry it didn't fit and the neckline curled on you. I agree with B4thedoor, some knits can sometimes be more difficult to work with since they may have way more stretch. You have to be careful to cut those types on the grain and to possibly use seam tape to prevent the neckline (seams cut on the bias) from stretching out. Try it with a more stable knit and see if it works out better for you. But please don't give up, you're so close!

  5. It's really not that bad. I would still wear it with a nice scarf to hide the collar and nobody will ever notice.

  6. Hmm, sometimes things just don't work out right! But, every garment that doesn't work is a learning opportunity. I'm not much of an expert on sewing with knits so I can't be of much help (but I've decided that I definitely do want to make nice knitted garments). As with so many things, I think some practice is the key - so don't give up!

  7. Oh, that was a nice fabric ... I have been there so many times...Sewing goes on...wink.. Ususally I try to put seam-a-seam or interfacing around the neckline and armhole when sewing knit fabric to stabilize the neck area and avoid gaping ... Hope this helps..Have a great one

  8. sewing stretchy fabric is never easy for me too. by the way, i think it look good. not bad at all. too bad it didnt fit. its ok, try again next time :)