Saturday, October 30, 2010

Romantic pin up look

I can't believe I have been making this many tutorials lately. Just in the mood to share my love of makeup to the world! LOL! Anyway, this was the look I came up with. Romantic pin up look which was inspired by the 60's/70's classic pin up looks. In fact it was a hindi movie  'Om Shanti Om' that inspired me . The story was also situated around the 70's. Interesting costumes and makeup, which obviously lead me to do this makeup look.

Here are my glamourous shots!

These are what I used for this look:

Mac - Fresco paintpot
Mac - Ricepaper e/s (highlight & lid colour)
La femme - Brown e/s (crease)
Ebay - Black cream eyeliner
Max factor - 58 blonde inliner kajal pencil

Mac - Ricepaper (as cheek highlight)
La femme - Mocha blush

Graftobian - Garnet lip colour
Sasa - Red lip liner 

Thanks for watching!

Have a pleasant weekend!
(Just received Burda style nov issue magazine. That's going to keep me busy this weekend)


  1. so beautiful&glam it hav a nice wknd&tk cre

  2. Lovely! I miss seeing you apply lipstick though! It's my fave part of doing makeup lol

  3. Awesome lip colour. I just bought myself black lipstick the other day. Why? I do not know :D

    White colour on the waterline, now that's hot!

  4. your skin looks flawless, i love this! :)

  5. So pretty I like this look.

    btw your banner is cute.