Friday, October 22, 2010

Sewing pattern organisation tip

I was reading a blog post by, Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing - Victoria (If you are not following her blog, please do. She is one talented lady). She was sharing about her pattern stash and if anyone had any ideas to share on how to organize them in a cost effective way. That post prompted me to write about my sewing pattern organization. I hope someone will find my organization tip helpful and maybe even improvise and come up  with a better idea. 

I store all my fabric and sewing patterns in a plastic storage container. I bought it in Singapore about two years ago from a big supermarket called 'Giant'. This sits right under my drafting table. 

I store my sewing patterns in one of the drawers. I do not own as many sewing patterns as my other fellow sewing enthusiasts! LOL!

As you can see, I put my patterns in a see through envelope. This way I can see the picture on the envelope and the pattern number. 

When I ran out of the nicer looking envelopes, I resort to using zip lock bags.....

At the end of the day, all that matters is that I can see the pattern number & it's neat and tidy. 

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  1. Umapreve, what an awesome way to organize your patterns! If I didn't have such a huge stash I would use your method (as you know instead I use the binder/manilla folder method). Thanks for chiming in with your suggestion for how I should store my cut out and used patterns. With all of the info, I was able to solve that problem:) BTW, thanks for the sweet "shout-out". You too are one talented lady (wink)!

  2. That's really neat, I like how you organize things. Do you know people pay other people to organize their stuff - you have so many money making talents! Go Uma :D

  3. I was just going to do hanging file folders in a vintage file cabinet or at least large file boxes and manila dividers instead of trying to fit my patterns back in their envelopes. I like the use of plastic protectors in your post. I may go that direction...

  4. Update from my last comment. One of my friends just tipped me off tho these: