Monday, January 11, 2010

Sewing project: Self drafted pattern

This is the self drafted top I made with the earlier bought fabric. It has been a long time since I did pattern drafting. I think I have to practice it more and understand my own body shape better. I know it looks not too fashionable but practice makes perfect. It took me two afternoons to make this top including the drafting.

I hope that anyone out there who is also into pattern drafting could help me out by recommending a good pattern drafting book. I really want to learn more techniques in terms of drafting for different types of body shapes. It would be greatly appreciated! :)

Again, I am not very pleased with the drafting. Nontheless, the construction of the top was satisfactory. However, I am glad I attempted this. As they say practice makes perfect!

Love Love!


  1. you make me wanna get my sewing machine out. honestly. you did good! it's totally wearable. its a pretty top.

  2. That's pretty decent considering it is your own draft! Keep working on it and you'll get it no worries.

  3. Hey there UmaPreve,

    I think you did pretty good on the draft! If I can recommend a book I would try to grab a copy of:

    Patternmaking For Fashion Design 4th edition by:Helen Joseph-Armstrong

    I am currently using it, and it's pretty good, but I guess I am a bit biased since It was a required book while in design school. Lol hope that helps! (P.s. the older versions are just as good as well!)

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    Creative Conceptz Ltd.

  4. you did good! it's totally wearable. its a pretty top.

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